Soon it’s time for the 8th edition Dream Nation Festival. With friends, we can finally dance again to various types of electronic music and this even bigger than ever before. More than 60 Artists will provide their latest hits over 2 days reaching from Techno, Trance, Bass Music and of course Hardstyle. HardstyleMag takes a close look and lets you know why you should participate.


The festival season 2021 is over – no its not! Surprisingly a huge outdoor festival in France is sending his positive signals out. The Dream Nation festival is inviting to a two days festival with 3 massive stages. Whilst many other countries are fully muted – the Organization in France tries to bring us at least one festival – and this with a bigger sizer than ever.  After seven successful editions, the event organizers decided to extend the festival to full 2 days and searched for a new location. With over 30.0000 square meters, more than 60 Artists’ guests will experience the full festival feeling.


Generally, like the name already introduces – the festival invites you to a dream journey. With special circus artists, jugglers, performers, and other fantastic creatures who are striving through the areas the event promises a spectacular experience. This will be supported by impressive scenographies, enhanced by video installations and 3D mapping, holographic projections, LED screens, lasers and light shows.


The festival tries to serve all kinds of electronic dance music. Therefore Artists representing Techno, Acid, Bass Music, Trance , Dubstep, Hardstyle, Hardcore, and Frenchcore will be present. An this is the point where we pick up the lineup – and this is huge. The organization didn’t do things by halves:

Dream Nation Festival 2021: Full Lineup


The complete Lineup is scattered on three major stages. Therefore we decided to quote the Lineup according to the running order and the stages.


  • TECHNO STAGE : Paula Temple b2b Snts, Manu Le Malin, Jacidorex, Airod, Paul Seul (Casual Gabberz), SHDW & Obscure Shape, Cleric, Sentimental Rave, Lacchesi
  • HARD MUSIC STAGE : Warface, Anime b2b Mad Dog, Radium b2b Maissouille, Act of Rage, Rooler, Le Bask, D-Fence, The Satan, Remzcore, Vortek’s b2b Venom
  • NEWTRACK STAGE : Stranger, Von Bikrav, Cassie Raptor, Pawlowski , Opak, Alys, Thomas Delecroix


  • TRANCE STAGE : Hilight Tribe, Captain Hook, Ajja, Avalon, Morten Granau, Phaxe, Graviity, Unlogix, Otezuka, Tom Neptunes b2b Sylvermay
  • BASS MUSIC STAGE : Eptic, Dirtyphonics, Doctor P, Trampa b2b Badklaat, Killbox (Ed Rush b2b Audio), Phace b2b Misanthrop, Samplifire b2b Ivory , Majistrate b2b Upgrade b2b Nu Elementz, Elisa Do Brasil, Niveau Zero
  • RAW STAGE : Clouds, CJ Bolland, D. Carbone, Illnurse, Rouge, Trudge Live, Chlär, Balagan


For all who want to see more, this is the official aftermovie from 2019. Please keep in mind, that the location in 2021 is completely new one and a complete outdoor festival. Bigger louder and better

Dream Nation Festival 2021: Aftermovie 2019


For more information visit the official homepage Dreamnation or visit the Facebok page. Tickets are available from EUR 40 for a single day up to EUR 73 for both days.



Yes, finally this event looks great. What we really like here is the diversity in electronic dance music. This is combined with high classic light and visual shows in 3D. The Lineup is promising as well and emphasizes that the Organization wants to set the bar higher. Definitely, a must-be event.

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