Gladde Paling presents a new edition of VISSA on Saturday 9 September in Poppodium 013, and this time Russian Village Boys are coming to tilt the evening! That means Adidas suits on and За здоровье! 

Amy Farina

Russian Village Boys are gopniks from St. Petersburg who fled their homeland out of discontent and are therefore unable to tour much, but come to their beloved Netherlands from various corners of Eastern Europe for this event. Dikke Baap brings hard hitting techno combined with humour, also called meme-techno (not our words) and has already collaborated with Vieze Asbak, Kraantje Pappie, Natte Visstick and Bizzey. Lobsta B – not Mr Crab’s little brother – crosses the canal between the UK for a rowdy set full of recognizable classics (Crazy Frog-like) in a bounce, donk, hardbass and hardcore scale!

Eboman is coming to do a special Fun & Bass DVJ set, check out what that looks like here. In his ‘sample madness’, he cuts images and sound from funny internet videos, and makes drum & bass and other funky beats with them on the spot, making you dance and laugh at the same time. Of course, you already know Parsa from his regular tenure as MC of Gladde Paling. Besides being a rapper of note, this evening he will come and spin a DJ set full of dirty baile funk! Of course, all this will be presented by the king of meme-techno Gladde Paling.

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