On the 21st of May we set sail towards Time Out in Gemert for another awesome event. This time we had the honour to visit a night to never forget. A night with briljant atmosphere, dedication beyond our imagination, intense feelings and music that remembers you why you fell in love with the harder styles of dance music. It was time for the labelnight of one of the greatest labels in the harder styles. Let’s have a look at Minus is More labelnight!
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We did never visit Time Out Gemert before but we did read great reviews about it. Finally it is time to visit this club ourselves. Minus is More Labelnight took place at Time Out NEXT. And the word next could mean everything, but it really brings the experience of a club to a next level, haha!

After a two-hour ride we arrived at the doors of Time Out Gemert. The parking area was free of charge, which was great for every visitor. Time Out is not reachable by train so many people arrived by car. We had to take the stars at the outside of the building and when we arrived in side we could already hear the bass kicking trough the hall, it is time for Chain Reaction vs D-Sturb.

The rising star D-Sturb and Chain Reaction played a great opening-set which already placed the bar high for the following acts. They played some own tracks like D-Sturb’s new banger; Fuckin up the system. They also dropped the new remix by Chain Reaction called Euphoria (original by Mean Machine). This is an intense tracks with epic choir vocals which gives you a ‘holy uprising’ feeling.
Besides that they also played Alpha 2’s Willow Wally, which is still one of my favourites from this year and the Menace remix by D-Sturb ofcourse. They also played Do or Die, Execute and Crackin your ribs, ending their set with Hardcrafts new flagship called Ghost Walkers, what a rough track!


Well let’s have a look at the interior of the club Time Out NEXT. I think this club is simply amazing. Holysh*t! There was a huge construction with lights everywere, which tumbled arround and did spin above the audience. It instantly gave me the feeling of a small version of Qapital. Maybe you can imagine? The atmosphere was really great. It was so intense, everybody was a big fan of the Minus Artists, the crowd went total nuts during the first set already! We decided to go upstairs to buy some tokens. The good thing in this club is the fact that you can buy 1 token for €2,50 and in the final hour of every event you can return them for cash. So you never have any tokens left in your pocket, unless you forget ofcourse, haha. Let’s go back to the music. Which was still pounding strong trough the speakers.

Next in line was the ‘Main MF’ himselve Crypsis vs ‘the living legend’ Luna. They did start with their classic tune, their collab; Torture! But they did only play the first part, already in a really high BPM. I think arround 160-165. After that they played tracks like; Get Hit, Heavy Damage, In Control and the Sandstorm remix by Sub Sonik. Crypsis was mixing like the best DJ out their again, and Luna was trying to in to the game. In the end they closed their set with Torture again, this time they played an edit in even higher BPM, so it did almost sound like a hardcore track. I really liked their set because it was ride trough history, closing with the latest bangers.


The area was so packed with dedicated fans that the tempereture did rise to an unpleasent hight.
We decided to go upstairs and party at the balcony, which was a great spot to party as well. Crypsis and Luna left the stage, time for some youngsters. Act of Rage and Sub Zero Project began their rousing set. Immediatly going full troughtle. Starting with Rage by Act of Rage and Funky Shit. After that they played Stay True and Raging Reckless. They also played Sub Zero Projects banger This is Madness. They played it in a crazy remix, sounding like a live edit, which was really cool! After that they played Rock Star by Frequencerz and Criminal by Gunz for Hire. Ending their set with Let the pistol go, they played a diverse set including classics and new tracks. After Act of Rage it was time for Radical Redemption. Well? Was it?!

The answer is no! As a suprise-act Chain Reaction and Crypsis joined Radical on stage. Forming Minus-Militia for 7 minutes. Playing a new track to announce that they will be back once again at the end of this year. So let’s start guessing? Will it be Supremacy again? Or even later this year during Freaqshow, haha. That would be amazing. Anyway, let’s go back to the music. Minus Militia did play 1 track and two members left the stage. Radical was back in the spotlight. He was mixing so many tracks that it was almost a live act, without the mask and uniform. He played some new tracks, I guess from his new EP. Besides he also played some tracks from The One Man Army album. At one point I tought he was mixing 5 tracks in one minute. This was an epic moment! He was playing many tracks from his Annihalate album as well. Speaking about the early days of Radical, he invited one of his first friends, maybe the first, on stage. Asking for a standing ovation, calling him ‘The fucking first, I never forget that’. This moment gave us goosebumps all over. Maybe you can imaging now how dedicated the crowd was during this night. You don’t see that every event you know. Radical did bring us some hardcore and after a crazy ride trough history it was time for the final act. They come from the UK, but we can almost call them dutchies, since they are playing here ever week, haha. Give it up for; Destructive Tendencies!


Daniël and Mick were starting the set with Unleash the Kraken, the collab. with Warface. A thing they do often lately, so it was not suprising for me. But I can understand, with this RAW opening you can make the perfect switch to hardcore music. After that they played tracks like, Fuck the drum machine, the Hardshock anthem and their Harmony of Hardcore anthem. They also played Music is my weapon by Unexist, which is one of my favourite hardcore tracks of 2015 and Sounds become, which is the number 1 track of 2015. So you can imagine this was a rough set with many highlights. And so was the whole night.

The audience was pampered with good tracks, but the visitors also entertained the DJs, the organization Minus is More and Time Out Gemert, going completely crazy and scream it out loud. Together we have made an incredible night, one of the most intense events I have ever visited, it felt like family, and I guess thats the meaning and purpose of a label night.


Time Out NEXT Gemert is the perfect location for events like this. The soundsystem is beyond borders but the bass and kick’s are pure, and so sounds the melody. The special effects like huge fans with confetti, lasers, the rotating light installation, it’s all amazing. Something I never witnessed inside a club before. We can say Minus is More was a great succes. We hope their will be a next edition. And we recommend you to be their in Time Out Gemert NEXT, next time!

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