Merch is great. You support your favourite artist or organisation and as a plus you have something nice to wear. But what if you do not necessarily want or can (i.e. at work) to wear your fandom around? Or what if you just do not like shirts and snapbacks? Is there actually anything that is a bit more creative than the standard shirt, sweater, sticker or cap? We’ve checked the online stores of the scene for cool merchandise that is functional, different or just straight up weird – and we found some pretty cool items! Shut up and take our money!

Q-Dance Passport Holder by Q-Dance @ The Official Q-Dance Store


In case you’re a somewhat frequent flyer, may it be for festivals, work or fun, you know how much wear and tear a passport has to hold up against. Q-Dance was thinking of you in mind, when they designed this wonderful passport holder! A piece of Q-Dance in a tasteful design that doesn’t necessarily scream “fanboy/girl” all over. We heart it!

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‘No Mercy’ Beanie by Gunz For Hire @


Beanies! The perfect accessory for the colder days of autumn, winter and spring – and it’s not a snapback! If you, like your humble writer, look absolutely terrible in every hat other than a beanie, you will have followed the latest winter merch collections with great excitement as beanies are now officially a thing. More of those please!

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Decibel Powerbank from b2s @ The Official b2s Store


This one might safe your phone while dancing your ass off! Fully charged this power bank can provide your phone with a full charge two times, more than enough for a one day festival! One of the most useful items we discovered and one that we would love to see more often!

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Skull Dream Fanny Pack by 100% Hardcore @ Gabberwear


Ok cool, so you have a power bank now, but you also need to take care of your wallet, earplugs and keys but taking a string bag to the party would be overkill? How about a fanny pack? They come in a lot of designs by now, not just with some random black and white print. We found this women’s model and are happy this 80s accessory is making a Hardcore comeback!

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Warfare Bracelet by Milestone @ NoizeVizion


Jewellery isn’t anything new in the merch game, but this particular piece caught our attention. This wonderful unisex bracelet in a Warface design would look great on anyone, Warface fan or not! Looks so, so, so much better than a fabric bracelet!

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Token Sweatbands from 100% Hardcore @ Hard-Wear


Speaking of storing things, these sweatbands with zippers are worth their weight in pure gold. Never, ever lose any tokens again and keep your wallet in your locker with these token bracelets! Also great for locker pin cards, coins, small keys, ear plugs or other tiny things you do not want to lose at a festival.

Get Them here:

The “Partydop” @ Freakyglasses


Smuggling five different kinds of screw-on caps for bottles is now a thing of the past. Be honest, how many do YOU have at home? 3, 5, over 20? This universal silicone cap called “Partydop” is here to save you & your water bottle and make your bottle cap collection a thing of the past! If these were sold at festivals merch booths for a token or so, we’d surely be buying one or two!

Get it here:

14 inch Camping Knife @ Rigeshop


This is where things get weird. This 14 inch camping blade is, according to its dutch description, quite effective against people who might be stealing your Pokémon. …uh, ok? Happy camping????

Get It here:

Picture Credit: Q-Dance,,, Rigeshop, b2s, Hard-Wear, NoizeVision

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