…used to be a Jumpstyle producer before he had his breakthrough in the hardstyle scene? We already had a look at what legends like Digital Punk and Endymion were doing before their Hardstyle career. So this time we have a look at what Coone’s past is all about.

Carsten Giese

Koen Bauweraerts a.k.a. Coone started producing at the End of the last century. His first record “Protect The Innocent” released in 2002 on Hardball Recordscand also on Puncher Records. According to discogs.com the genre was labeled as “Hard House”.

Puncher Records

In 2003 he released two more records on Puncher Records. From today these records could already be labeled as Hardstyle as they show many similarities to other Hardstyle releases from that era. When “The Name of my DJ” released some people thought it was produced by DJ Isaac.

Did you know that Coone: Produced Hardstyle before Jump?

Zoo Records

After no releases in 2004 he reappeared in 2005 on Zoo records. Jumpstyle was already pretty big in Belgium at that time. So as a Belgium-based producer he jumped (*badumtss*) onto the Hypetrain and created many many Jumpstyle releases. Maybe one of his most famous released was “Infected” which was the Reverze anthem of 2006.

Did you know that Coone: Produced the anthem of Reverze 2006?

Dirty Workz

Already in 2006 Koen started Dirty Workz as a sublabel of Zoo Records. There he released his first Album “My Dirty Workz” in 2008. The Album still consisted of mostly Jumpstyle. But you could already find some Hardstyle influences back then. One of the Most famous tracks of “My Dirty Workz” probably was the D-Block & S-Te-Fan Remix of “Words from the Gang”

Did you know that Coone: His Track Doggystyle

Around 2010 priorities changed from producing Jumpstyle to Hardstyle. New talents like Psyko Punkz and a certain duo from Norway got signed on Dirty Workz. The Mini-documentary-series about producing his next album “The Challenge” went through the roof on youtube and helped creating a hype. A hype that lasts ever since.

This was ‘ Did you know that Coone’

From early Hardstyle to Jump and back to hardstyle while creating his own Label with tons of sub-labels – what a journey so far. Considering his first release in 2002 we are curious what Koen is planning for his 20th anniversary.

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