A special 48 hours live video stream live from the refurbished venue Capital in Hagen, shall send out a sign of life but also collect funds for a children’s hospice. A long list of supporting Artists, organizers and specials make this Twitch show already something special. the willingness to help others even though you are going through hard times yourself, needs to be appreciated and supported.

Christina Finster

One year club lockdown – but the Capitol in Hagen is not giving up. Despite the tough times, the club owner Michael Henning, decided to launch a special fund-raising project to support the local children’s hospice. In a special 48 hours Twitch Live Stream the Capitol Hagen tries to collect as much money as possible. A long list of Artists and business partners shall support this goal.

There are still people who are going through even worse times, than we do

The hospice is taking care of children, who have no hope of cure and therefore, deserve a peaceful and respectful life. As a Non-Profit organization, those facilities depend on donations. In Germany, approximately 1500 facilities currently care for children and adolescents who are terminally ill.

“Yes the clubs are going through rough times, but its not time to give up. We are still in a better situation than many other people are in. This realization, together with the urge to do his job again, gave rise to this idea. – Mike Henning

100% of the funds will be donated

The Capitol confirmed, that they will bear the complete costs for the technical equipment, the Artist fees and all other project-related costs. In addition, they will start several auctions on eBay, to donate these revenues as well.

Long list of Artists and Specials.

Currently, 49 Artists are confirmed for the show. For 48 hours of non-stop live streaming, this is already pretty impressive. The artists will either stream directly from the Capitol or from the Artist`s chosen platform. The styles will be diverse, as the club life usually is. From Pop, over Deutsch Rap and House music, every style can be found here.

UNITED LOVE 48 hours Stream: Brooklyn Bounce DJ

Capital Hagen in a new design

The Capitol Hagen belongs to the big room event centers in Germany. Up to 4 floors, visitors can enjoy their club nights with their favorite styles. From Pop Music, Hardstyle, Black Music – all Styles get represented there. For the stream, the venue itself presents the results of the recently conducted refurbish measurements. Over 180.000 were invested into the new interior. LED Walls, new lounges and upgrades, are waiting for the big re-opening.

UNITED LOVE 48 hours Stream: Inside the Capitol

Dates and Facts of the United Love stream

The show starts on March 12th, at 20:00 and continues to March 14th. 20:00. So complete 48 hours of nonstop streaming. All info’s can be picked from the official Facebook event page. Including the lineup and upcoming specials. The running order hasn’t been published yet.

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