For good reason the label Scantraxx counts as one of the leading Hardstyle music labels. Among known Artists, their sense to spot new talents is superior. Hardstyle Mag has met one of their new rising stars – Solstice, for an interview.


Hey Juan thanks for sharing the time with us for this Interview. How do you currently perceive the COVID19 Situation?

Hello Hardstyle Mag crew. First of all, thank you so much for this opportunity putting so much effort and time on me. I really appreciate the work that you guys are doing for the hardstyle scene. About the current situation. It has been very hard to cancel or postpone all the 2020 performances. I worked a lot to get a spot on some cool places. It has hurt both my enthusiasm and financially. It’s also hard to see how hard-working people on the scene have to quit their jobs. I am a very small artist and my life does not depend on music, although it does help me financially, but for those who live from this it must be a situation that requires our support and love. Hard and frustrating but I see a bright future and I face this situation with a positive mindset, working non-stop as if nothing had happened and with a stoic attitude.

Let’s talk to Solstice: On Stage

Okay, you think 2021 will become better?

Of course. It must and we must put all our efforts to change the situation to dance together in 2021. Everything indicates that we will have a vaccine. Hopefully yes.

Ok, let’s change the topic. Can you tell us a bit about you and your project?

My real name is Juan. A guy born in Granada (Spain) who moved to Murcia who discovered hardstyle in 2009-2010 thanks to a suggested youtube video of Qlimax 2009 where Headhunterz was performing. Since then I have fallen in love with melodic hardstyle. I have gone through other names but the Solstice project’s mission is to unite fans of melodic and powerful hardstyle whose aim is to create good moments and ties between all those who make up this project, including my followers. #Euphower is the term with which I affectionately call my music and this mission.

How was your Artist name developed?

In 2015 while I was working under the alias Dacompazz at X-Bone Records I was proposed to promote at Scantraxx Silver. The label told me that I should change the name to something more commercial and I put up a list of names that I liked. Solstice was the one we all liked the most because it represents the summer solstice, the good weather and the good vibes typical of the place where I live.

Let’s talk to Solstice: In Profile

What does Hardstyle mean to you?

Hardstyle is now something very different for me than when I discovered it.

Now it is a way of life. Before of my producer journey it was a form of liberation. I lived very bad personal moments in my life that would change it completely in these times and “Headhunterz – Psychedelic’’ and “Headhunterz & Wildstylez vs. Noisecontrollers – Tonight´´ were the tracks that helped me escape from problems. They helped me a lot to endure those big changes and losses. Every time I put the headphones on and pressed play, I felt indescribable magic.

You had some releases on Scantraxx – which one was your favorite and why?

It is a really difficult decision since I have to pick one haha. I always say that my last track is my favorite! I do not usually listen to my own music much because during its creation I already listen to it too much. ” Thank You ” ” Not Enough ”, ” Take My hand ”, ” Final melody ”, etc. There are a lot to pick just one. I think the track that I enjoy the most is ”Last Minute” But I don’t have a favorite. It’s like choosing who you love the most; to dad or mom haha

Are you signed to the label?

Yes. I received the exclusive artist agreement after 2 releases in X-Bone and since 2015 I’m part of the Scantraxx roster!

Let’s talk to Solstice: Thinking about his new track?

What are your goals and inner driver to produce and play music?

Create moments, to get a spot on my dream events in front of my fans, try to make the most enjoyable hardstyle in the world and create happiness in my audience just as the Hardstyle created it in the most necessary moments for me.

Sometimes I see haters and lovers fighting on and I love that my fans support my music but my mission is to make them happy and music is not created to divide, no matter how disrespectful the hater maybe.

If you could choose one Artist for a collab – who would it be and why?

Only one? Pretty difficult question as well. It would be very selfish to pick only one because I love so many artists. Demi Kanon, Broken Minds, Wasted Penguinz, Serzo, Envine, D-Charged, Stormerz and a long etc! I want to collaborate with all of them. But I am an artist who finds it difficult to collaborate since I am used to working alone and letting my ideas flow in a very personal way, alone in my studio.. In 2021 I want to collaborate with as many artists as possible to get out of my comfort zone. I can’t keep doing the same for so many years!

What do you think Hardstyle will look like in 5 years? Will it get harder or more melodic?

Lately there is very interesting melodic music gaining force and in recent years rawstyle has been very popular after the euphoric explosion. I think that in 5 years it will end up being a whole one. I hope that hardstyle is much more popular, there are more talented hard-workers and there are more new names at the top of the genre!

Let’s talk to Solstice: His latest release – Tears

What would you recommend to upcoming producers out there who are at the very beginning?

The best advice I can give every time I am asked is: Make a lot of music. Don’t be afraid if it doesn’t sound as good as you want at first, but finish your projects. Don’t leave them halfway out of fear. Make music, make music, make music. With each topic you will improve. I know friends who asked me this, followed this advice and are currently managing to put their music on very powerful labels!

What makes a track a good track for you?

Make it easy to remember, evoke feelings, with a catchy melody, a powerful kick and make it a good track. There is no formula to make a good track and many times success is not synonymous with the fact that the track is good since many other factors depend, such as the marketing behind that track. If the track you do is good. It doesn’t matter how hard or if it’s euphoric or if it’s raw. If the track is good it will work! The public will tell you!

If you would describe yourself as an animal – what would it be and why?

Homo sapiens. I believe that we are the animal that has the power to protect all other animals even though we are not currently doing this sadly and I believe in this protection.  It is the animal capable of doing things as complex as a microprocessor or capable of discerning between concepts such as Justice, goodness, equity or equality among others.  Values in which I believe in. Although we have a bad side, we are the animal that is responsible for the fate of all other animals and as such we should be responsible for the impact that our activity has on the planet.

Humans are extraordinary. But only good humans and I identify with the good Human Beings.

Let’s talk to Solstice: Be there for fans

If you would be stuck on an island and could only listen to 5 tracks – which would it be?

Tonight, Ran-D – #MyWay, Melancholia, Riders of the storm and Sultans of Swing (Alchemy Live Version).

Is there a message you would like to send to your fanbase now?

Yes. A message of gratitude. Because thanks to them I have fulfilled some of my dreams with them such as performing in Defqon.1 twice in the same weekend, traveling to new countries for me to play my music, performing in the Netherlands like I have always dreamed of since I know the genre and specially gratitude to my fans from Spain for giving me the opportunity to enter their lives.

Thanks for the interview mate, and all the best for you. Stay healthy. This was let’s talk to Solstice

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