GALLERY: The Camping Hacks Of Decibel Outdoor 2017!

A true camping classic: Duct Tape!Not sure why to bring duct tape? Well, here's a great example of how this tape can save the day! A+ for creativity!Bring a Pavillon and stay dry while partying outside!And the bigger that Pavillion is, the better!It's just a small BBQ, but it gets the job done!Doubting on what to put on that BBQ? How about some fresh fish!?A beer holder will keep your tipsy self from knocking that precious beer over!A trolley can save your back during transport from car to camp!This foldable beach buggy is great when space is an issue!If space isn't an issue, why not check your local thrift store for an old shopping cart?You can leave your phone number at the thrift store, so they can call you when one comes in!Time for decoration! Balloons are always a good idea! ...and of course you can also decorate your private party tent!Ballons are too tacky? How about your local flag then?Speaking of local things: Bring your local beer! A great conversation starter when guests are over at your camping!"A good camping spot is essential as well!" - True that!Weather too hot? Bring a pool and cool yourself AND your drinks at the same time!After sunshine comes the rain, especially in the Netherlands! A rain foil will keep the water at bay.Home is where the HARD is! Speakers and the right music really get the camping party going! But: Make sure your neighbors can sleep at night. No one likes being woken up at 3am, especially if your favourite newcomer is opening at 12:00...How much food to bring? A LOT!What a happy camper! A true camping staple is the pop-up tent! Make sure you practice folding it though!Air pumps for the win! You can surely borrow your neighbor's in case you forgot yours! Asking is a great way to get to know new people!Germans know everything about getting drunk EFFICIENTLY! The beer bong surely helps! Keep it cool! A cooling box will keep drinks and fresh food cold.Cool isn't cold enough? Then go for dry ice! But: Dry ice is not allowed at all campsites, but if it's allowed, it will SURELY keep the cans cold!R.I.P beer... Just in case you want to keep track of how many cans you killed with the lads...!Bringing ALL your friends is never a bad idea!Of course, be careful when setting up camp! Got hurt? Do not hesitate to visit the first aid, like this poor soul!Yup, a camping table! Why leave out the comfort anyways?Crushed beer cans can keep the rain from dripping directly onto you!Power banks are ABSOLUTELY essential!Another classic: the camping chair!But camping chairs are sooo 2016... Inflatable sofas? Why the hell not?"We don't know what it is, but we thought it will be useful, so we brought it anyways. But we might cool beer with it!"

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We sent our photo-blogger to¬†capture YOUR camping hacks at Decibel outdoor 2017. From duct tape to inflatable sofas, from fresh fish to beer graveyards, we¬†surely found almost everything that could make your camping life easier or simply more fun! What’s your favorite camping hack or camping tip? Let us know in our Facebook comments!

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Pictures by Sara Ghafouri

We would like to thank b2s for this great oppotunity!

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