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Prepare for an explosive Hardstyle collision during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). On October 21, 2023, Scantraxx & Savage Squad will present The Hardstyle Showdown at Q-Factory Amsterdam.

Scantraxx, with a legacy spanning over 20 years, joins forces with Savage Squad, the cutting-edge Raw Hardstyle label, to create an unforgettable fusion of sound. From 1:30 pm until 8 pm, both labels will showcase their unique sounds with b2b as well as live sets and more in an intimate setting.


  • Adjuzt
  • Bass X Machina
  • Bright Visions
  • D-Attack
  • Devin Wild
  • Dvastate
  • Griever
  • Imperatorz
  • Kronos presents Kryptonite
  • Level One
  • Nightcraft
  • Omnya
  • PL4Y
  • Rogue Zero
  • Sanctuary
  • The Purge
  • Hosted by: MC Flo

Scantraxx x Savage Squad: The Hardstyle Showdown | ADE 2023

About ADE

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) holds the esteemed reputation as the foremost global electronic music conference. ADE serves as a dynamic platform for music industry experts, offering a plethora of conferences, panel discussions, workshops, and networking avenues that delve into the cutting-edge advancements within the field. Spanning five days, the event also encompasses a diverse array of festivals and events that showcase the entirety of the electronic music spectrum. Notably, Scantraxx and Savage Squad will proudly represent the Hardstyle genre at ADE. The upcoming edition of ADE is taking place from October 18 to 22, 2023.


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