Trick or treat or hardstyle?

Halloween is coming and we thought you might need some music for your Halloween hardstyle  party! These are just a few RAW and spooky tracks in no particular order. Maybe you find some inspiration to create a banging mix for your guests.

A desperate female voice, a deep bawl and spooky leads. Definitely a track to get you in the right mood! Gunz for Hire are two masked criminals who will crush your party with raw to the bone music! A f*cking massacre!

Cause some hysteria with this track on your party! More or less a classic Rawstyle track with rough screeches.

Dim the lights if you drop this killing track by Radical Redemption. Make sure to check out more of his music to fill up your tracklist. Maybe you prefer his album ‘Spell of Sin’ including tracks like ‘Brutal 3.0’?

‘The nightmare factory’ will bring you to a creepy place where something went horribly wrong. High pitched leads and a awesome atmosphere combined with that awesome middle part!

You need a little bit more speed and action? Play this fast pasted tracks with vocals and screams straight from horror movies! They set a creepy mood at first followed up with pounding kicks.

What could be better then the last Freaqshow anthem? Gather your freaky friends and take the ride with this track. If you like you can also check out the Freaqshow aftermovie for something visual on your party.

Last but not least. E-Force with his track ‘Freakz at Night’ and plenty other tracks that should go directly into your list. Whether at home or at your favorite club – keep it hard on Halloween and we wish you all a pleasant night!

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