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If you ask me, German event organizer Musical Madness is having a great year so far, with absolutely amazing events. They spread hardstyle and electronic dance music all across Germany – different clubs, different parties and different styles. I really can’t wait for them to bring us some hardcore – seriously guys, think about it! Anyway, Musical Madness mostly represent themselves in smaller clubs and events with one, up to two headliners, supported by their own DJ like Sounic, Scale or

But this time they thought fuck it, we go full force and offer a huge line up, two areas and two different styles – euphoric to rougher tracks and some good old classics, all for just 19€!


We arrived on time, we knew it’s going to be packed, because there were even busses from whole Germany to the party. We saw many cars from different cities and it was crazy what was going on inside – although it was just 11pm!

D-Liciouz and Scale played b2b and opened up the event at the main floor. The set was diverse and they played lots of euphoric hardstyle tracks, with melodies we can all sang along. But also some hard drop tracks, which made the crowd bounce through the whole club and some good old reverse bass. We actually arrived a little late, so we could just hear the last 20 minutes of the set, but some people told me it was already absolutely amazing.

Second one: Bass Modulators. I really couldn’t wait for them. They always playing great sets and their music is really good. One of the most significant moment was, when they dropped the complete Defqon.1 anthem 2016 Dragonblood for the very first time! What a great anthem. I hear some people complaining it’s not an anthem, because .. damn, they didn’t even give a reason. Live the track is very good and in my opinion one of the best Defqon.1 anthems. In case you missed it, check our Facebook page, where we put up the whole moment.


The club was shaking, the lights gone wild and the fire heated up the place. The crowd screamed for more and danced their ass off to tracks like Oxygen, Shadows, Faster n’ Further, the edit of the Freaqshow anthem, Solar and many more. Finishing their track with Bounce and Break, obviously, they delivered a great performance as usual and I can’t wait to see them at Defqon.1

Since the second area has been opened up I couldn’t resist to go to Scope DJ! I always listen to his sets and I really do enjoy the classics lately, besides Josh & Wesz one of my favorite classic hardstyle DJ. The second area was small, but always delivers this underground feeling. The feeling that you can literally smell the DJ, touch the DJ, feel the DJ! The area was packed, he hopped on stage and played the first classic record – instant Goosebumps. He dropped classics like Lockdown, Rock Hypnotic, Back to the Basics, Tonight and in between some nice old Headhunterz tracks.

It was so much fun to dance and listen to these old tracks. The feeling they create is completely different to nowadays tracks. One thing I know for sure now: I need to visit The Tijdmachine!


We also had the honour to catch up with him after the set and we asked some questions! Are you curious? Then keep on reading and find out which melody makes him smile the most, how he liked the event and what the hell he has to do with Endor, yes the planet from Star Wars, with the chubby little bear similar .. things! hehe

After Scope DJ, we heard the beginning of Audiofreq, who dropped JDX – Live the Moment, but then we decided to go to Brennan Heart. He played an insane set! I really can’t count all of the tracks, but just imagine that he went from older tracks like Just as Easy or Lose Your Mind, to newer ones like Dailucias edit of In the End, Gateway to Eternity or his Reverze anthem, as well as Imaginary and Follow the Light. Then he went rougher with Fuck on Cocaine, his mash up of Break Down Low and Outta my Way. Sandstorm by Sub Sonik was played, as well as his Oh Fortuna edit or Hardbass Junky in the Digital Punk remix – 1.5h pure madness! In between also some classics like FTS by Showtek!


To close this party in style Sounic took over the decks in the main hall and played a fucking rough and great set. The main and core hardstyle people stood until the end and even longer! We all got blown away by all the raw tracks she dropped! Tough lady, that’s all I can say. She started with For the Girls in the 2015 edit, went on to B-Freqz tracks like Destroy You, to Collateral Damage by Requiem, Outbreaks in the Mist remix or Ruthless’s remix of Banaan. In the end Audiofreq joined her and together with MC DL they ended the event with some hardcore!
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As a last point I want to underline, that the Bootshaus proved again, what a crazy and awesome location it is! I just love this club – the feeling is amazing and delivers such a cool underground vibe. It’s perfect for electro events and I can really understand why they are such a high rated club in whole Germany and Europe – well deserved! The show during the night was just insane for a club, we had all the different lights and lots of lasers, as well as Co2 and fire –  lots of fire! All around the dancefloor they placed fire. Sometimes I had the feeling my eyebrows are getting burned! The vibe was stunning, although all the mosh pits were annoying, not because they were doing it, but in the way people were doing it. They did not watch or take care of others and I think as a girl it’s not a cool situation to get soaked into a mosh pit of all the boys on the dancefloor. BUT the organizer decided to forbid mosh pits at their next parties! 

Save the Date: 08.10.2016 Bootshaus, Köln – Musical Madness XXL #2 on 3 floors!!

Scope DJ Interview

How long did you travel to cologne? Hope everything went fine. Is it your first time here in cologne or even in germany? (except for Hamburg) If not, where did play once?
It was about 2.5 hours by car, I enjoy driving, so all good 🙂 No it is not my first time in Germany, actually I played in Hamburg the week before (which was awesome) and I have played at the club Discoplex A5 and of course: Q-Base.

Do you prefer to play in a small club or bigger stage? Can you amybe describe the different feelings you have while playing in a club or on a big stage?
To be honest, the atmosphere in small clubs is often very intimate, and I really like that kind of vibe. Of course, playing on the big stage is something special. The biggest stage I played was at Hard Bass, and I couldn’t even really see the other side of the arena, it was that huge. Plus we were standing quite high, so it is definitely a different feeling than the smaller clubs. I enjoy both.


What do you think about the people/fans who travel hundrets or even thousands of kilometers, just to see their favorite DJs? What a feeling does is create?
The first time I had that experience, when I noticed people can from afar to see me perform, was in Australia 2009. I thought *I* was the one coming from far, but there were actually people from the other side of Australia there to come see me. Also, often on the big name festivals, there are a LOT of international visitors. I think it’s great, it shows the international love for hardstyle and the bond it creates within the very diverse crowd.

Did you ever experience something really crazy with a fan?
Well many weird and funny things, some I probably shouldn’t mention – but for example one time on my birthday I had to play in the UK and someone brought me a little cake to celebrate.

How would you describe the german party crowd, especially during the musical madness events?
Both experiences at Musical Madness events were amazing, the crowd went absolutely wild at both sets. I can only say thumbs up for Germany!

When it comes to classic hardstyle you’re one of the DJs, along with The Prophet or Josh & Wesz f.e., who gets connected to the classics instantly. Do you like beeing associated with classic hardstyle or would you wish the people to see you as a normal artist?

Well it just turned out that way. I had a lot of stuff going on before and in 2013, and I didn’t produce much anymore because I had this personal business going on. It was mentally a rough time. But luckily I got booked for the early hs/classics bookings, which I can thank to my tracks such as Lockdown, Rock Hypnotic etc. It just happened that way, and because I didn’t release any new music I didn’t get booked anymore for that. But it’s ok, I wasn’t really feeling it anymore anyway – the direction hardstyle was going. Plus I was just preoccupied with my own state of mind and getting things in order.

To be honest, in that time I wanted to make music and I kept forcing it, but my mind was not there with it, nor was my heart in it anymore. Not at the time. At one point I sort of quit trying because you can’t force creativity and I started just doing other music stuff. Learning and developing my mixing and mastering skills, learning more sounddesign, tutorials, other styles of music etc, while at the same time recovering from what is known as ‘adrenal fatigue’ (which basically meant I was tired 24/7) and a period of depression. Yeah I know right, fun times! But luckily the sun started to shine again 🙂

So yeah, all those things contributed to the fact that I only do classics bookings these days. And I don’t mind at all 🙂 We all have our struggles and our own paths to walk, this was mine so far. The important thing is to know that when doors close, other doors open again. You just gotta be willing to see that.


What keeps you motivating to play classic hardstyle sets?
I don’t know what it is exactly, but those tracks just have *that* feeling that tracks these days just don’t really have anymore. It’s all very bland and generic – mostly. I enjoy playing those sets too, because they allow for more interesting mixing than the more contemporary tracks, in my opinion. Plus, the crowd loves them 🙂

Which track got stuck into your mind the last weeks?
Noisecontrollers – Feel So Good Again 🙂

Name the ultimate melody, which makes you smile everytime!
“Just As Easy Again” and of course “Attack Again”, but I also really like Headhunterz – Reignite.

Noisecontrollers - Attack Again

If you could choose to live in one alternate movie/game universe, which one would it be?
Interesting question! Probably in Avatar, on Pandora. Or Star Wars, living the chill life in the jungles of Endor. I’m a nature guy, as you can see 🙂

As last question – Can you maybe tell something exclusive, do you have some cool and good news? Or do you mind sharing some critical thoughts? Some cool words to your fans?
I want to thank every fan so far for all your support! So far it has been a great ride, I’ve been able to do really nice things and could not have done it without you:)
I hope my music so far has touched your lives – that was the intention at least 🙂

Thanks for the interview!

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