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As the sun was about to rise at the far horizon we were already ready to hit the road. Ready to go back to one of the best festivals we’ve witnessed in 2014 – it was time for Mysteryland 2016! Known for its incredibly beautiful designed stages and festival ground, as well as blind blowing shows and of course, only the best DJs, Mysteryland was back with another edition throughout a whole weekend.
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The facilities & festival site

We arrived at the festival ground around 12.30, our mood was awesome and we couldn’t wait to enter the festival site. From the parking place, either north or south, you need about 15 minutes to the nearest entrance. But the way was well prepared and even by night no got lost … we think!

After passing the gates and the obligatory security check, we grabbed some first tokens. 7 tokens were worth 19€, which is a token price of 2,70€. Actually, a little less than normal and also pretty surprising, as we experienced rising token prices this year. But better for us right?

We really don’t know where to start exactly, since Mysteryland offers such a great variety of different things to discover and do. Maybe let’s talk about the size of the festival ground, which is just huge! We took the challenge and walked across the whole festival ground, guess what we needed about 45 minutes! We tried to cross every stage and every facility. It was just amazing, who the team of Mysteryland manages to cover the whole festival ground into one theme, one design. You feel like you’re walking through a completely different world. Everywhere you can discover minor design elements, such as painted wooden plates, sculptures, lights and food booths.


In our opinion Mysteryland is one of the most beautiful festivals you can go and you can visit. We highly recommend not to dance all day long, but rather just walk around and discover all the facilities of the festival. Because, you realize, Mysteryland is somehow more than just a festival!

Need a new haircut? No problem! Want Popcorn from one the craziest popcorn machines I’ve seen? No problem! Want to watch theatre with creepy, tiny puppets? No problem! Maybe you want to relax or eat to either some Reggae music or some classic music? No problem! Gather all your courage and jump! Adrenaline kick? No problem! Ohh, and besides that you could inform yourself about the Greenpeace organization and make the camping ground to your own, with locally sourced products, discover the most beautiful, biggest and craziest penis within hundreds of dick-pics at one big, phat wall! Or maybe you just want to sit down in a tipi and listen to a mystical story? Well, Mysteryland invites you! Or maybe you just caught some Pokémon’s!

Anyway and no matter what you do or planning to do, you definitely need to check out the whole festival ground! Let us mention one last thing: Do not walk around when you’re hungry, trust us, the decision what to eat, was never harder at a festival! Mysteryland really offers, the freshest, the best, and real high-quality food throughout all Festivals we’ve been so far! As well as in 2014 the variety of food was almost as big as the variety of artists! You can get yourself everything! Besides their own food booths, with more standard food, you can also find external caterer across the whole festival ground – from a burger food truck, to bananas covered in chocolate! Water was of course for free and everywhere available.

The angry ram – Q-Dance, the harder styles at Mysteryland

Ohh, Q-Dance, you damn f*ckers almost made us cum when we saw the stage for the first time! We think last year’s Q-Dance-Mysteryland stage belongs to one of the best in stages in history of stages! And again, Q-Dance delivered the most epic one at Mysteryland. This time, a huge angry ram was looking down at you, ready to smash you to the ground with its horns. By night it looked straight out of hell, especially when Q-Dance lighted it completely red and orange. The details were amazing and again we were stunned of what’s possible in nowadays stage design.

The line up on Saturday looked like a solid Q-Dance line up. Nothing what I was really wondering about, nothing really special, but also nothing bad or even boring. With Luna, Wasted Penguinz, Wildstylez, Audiotricz, Brennan Heart, Coone, NCBM, Frequencerz, Hard Driver and The Viper!


Luna played a great first set, as he combined his rough sound, with good old classics. More and more people filled the empty dancefloor in front of the majestic Q-Dance stage. With the sun Wasted Penguinz entered the stage and played a very, very melodic set – filled with great tracks like Melancholia, but also some boring tracks in between. Somehow the set could not reach the drive of Lunas set.

After them Wildstylez claimed the stage and played a surprising funny and good set. A set filled with lots of classics and recent euphoric hits, he made the crowd go wild. Also he chooses the right moments when to play some hard drop or anti-climax. The set felt fresh and fitting into Mysterlyland. Sadly, a little too long with 1,5h! I also can just say good things about Brennan Heart!

Surprisingly Brennan heart played a pretty rough set. It was even evening, but he came across with Sandstorm by Sub Sonik or Dailucias Fuck on Cocaine. He also dropped some new tracks from his latest album like Fire in the Sky and yes, Imaginary. As always he mixed really fast, which gives his sets a unique touch, it’s a mix of all styles, freestyle, euphoric, raw, classics – some real hardstyle here!

We took a break and just enjoyed the beautiful festival site of Mysteryland 2016. We came back during NCBM, who just made the crowd go wild with their unique sound. Bass Modulators and Noisecontrollers still amaze and still don’t fail to amaze.

As the sun hit the horizon and covered the Q-Dance stage in mystical light, creating shiverz throughout the crowd, it was time to go harder with Frequencerz. I’m not really into their new music, or let’s say, a lot of their new tracks, but their set was great! Absolutely awesome, as they wrecked the Q-Dance stage by playing all their recent and old bangers. They also dropped their remix of Torture, which is freaking nice! Their set really had a nice energy and drive. Although I still don’t like the Psycho 2016 remix, at a slightly higher tempo it’s not that bad. Also Menace in the D-Sturb remix!


After Frequencerz Hard Driver was about to play and I really didn’t expect that. But, Hard Driver managed to keep the tempo, keep the drive but with his specific touch in his tracks. One of the best sets I heard that weekend. Awesome tunes and the vibe was amazing! Never witnessed a better Hard Driver set! Awesome shit, as he teared down the Q-Dance stage, supported by fire, lasers and lights everywhere! Kick-ass show by Q-Dance!

After a massive set by Hard Driver The Viper was ready to play the final vinyls! I expected a shitload of older hardcore songs, mixed in a freer way. The Viper actually really surprised me, as he started with some slower hardcore tracks like Rebel Dizz, until he ended with at Ruhtless’s edit of Gaan met de Banan. From hardcore at 175 BPM back to 155 BPM. Ruthless’s track marked a huge break within in his set, almost like a restart. From then on, he went faster and faster, but not with dark hardcore tracks, but more happy ones, like his collab with Neophyte – Free, Kingdom and in the end Coming Home and D-Fance’s Pompen. What a great ending, for such a great festival like Mysteryland!


Mysteryland’s Saturday left is speechless, when we first saw the Q-Dance stage and the festival ground, as well as the decoration and food offers. With great areas and huge festival ground with all its facilities, the almost 70.000 visitors had lots to discover. The sun was shining and the atmosphere just amazing! You need to be part of Mysteryland at least once, that’s all we can say!

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