Concerning outdoor events Defqon.1 is the place to be. But there is an indoor event from Q-Dance that nobody wants to miss too. Of course we are talking about Qlimax. Let’s have a look at each year – and celebrate a special mix of all anthems

Anna Ströhlein & Zwiesel

The first times Qlimax did not take place just once a year like we are used to today. Between 2000 and 2003 Qlimax took place one to three times a year. Since 2004 there is one edition every year.

Since 2008 the Gelredome in Arnheim is the home of Qlimax but that was not always the case. It also took place at the Beursgebouw in Eindhoven, the Silverdome in Zoetermeer and at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.

All Anthems in one mix

Did you know?

In the years 2006 and 2007 there was an edition of Qlimax in Belgium too? This happened twice in the Ethias Arena in Hasselt.

Who gets their hands on a ticket for Qlimax can count themselves lucky. In 2017 for instance the event was sold out after a half an hour. If you are the lucky owner of a ticket you are excited for a good reason. The show at Qlimax is an experience every Hardstyle lover should enjoy. Next to lasers and spotlights there are also indoor fireworks that help the artists give you a night you won’t forget.

With top DJs from different genre’s there is something for everybody. The BPM get more as we move from Hardstyle to Rawstyle and on to Hardcore. In the year 2018 a Frenchcore DJ did the closing for the first time, it was Dr Peacock.

The history of Qlimax anthems: The famous Qlimax logo

A new year, a new anthem.

Even though Qlimax exists since 2000, the first anthem is from 2003. We from HardstyleMAG have listed the anthems for you along side with some information on the creators:

Let’s kick off the anthem show

2003 Follow the Leader – The Prophet – Scantraxx , from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Dov J Elkabas

The Prophecy – Deepack – Anarchy/Dirty Workz, Marcel van der Zwan & Frank Pechler

Future Tribes – Deadlock –  D.P. van der Niet*, F. Ellrich*

Science and Religion – Dj Zany – Fusion Records, from Beek en Donk in the Netherlands, Raoul van Grinsven

The history of Qlimax anthems: Stage 2019

Hardstyle is growing 2006 – 2009

The Dark Side – Alpha Twins – DJs Present – Anco Timmerman & Arjen Timmerman

The Power of the Mind – Headhunterz – Art of Creation – Willem Rebergen from Veenendaal in the Netherlands

Next Dimensional World – Technoboy – SAIFAM – Cristiano Giusberti from Italy

The Nature of our Mind – D-Block & S-te-fan – Scantracxx – Diederik „D-Block“ & Stefan „S-te-fan“ Daas , both from the Netherlands

The history of Qlimax anthems: Stage 2009

2010 – New Hardstyle

Alternate Reality – Brennan Heart – WE R Music – Fabian Bohn – from the Netherlands

No Way Back – Zatox – Dirty Workz – Gerado Roschini – from Tivoli in Italy

Fate or Fortune – Psyko Punkz – Dirty Workz – 2012 Wietse Amersfoort & Sven Sieperda , bothfrom the Netherlands

Immortal – Gunz for hire feat Ruffain – Roughstate – Randy Wieland (Ran D) & Thijs Ploegmakers (Adaro) – Carlos Antunes ( Ruffain)

The history of Qlimax anthems: Stage 2012

The DNA of Hardstyle

The Source Code of Creation – Noisecontrollers – Q-Dance – Bastiaan W. Oskam – from the Netherlands

Equilibrium – Atmozfears – Scantraxx – Tim van de Stadt – from the Netherlands

Rise of Celestials – Coone – Dirty Workz – Koen Bauweraets – from Belgium

The history of Qlimax anthems: Stage 2016

Temple of Light – Wildstylez – Lose control music – Joarm Metekohy – from the Netherlands

The Game Changer – Sub Zero Project – Anarchy – Thomas Velderman & Niguel Coppen – from the Netherlands

Symphony of Shadows – B-front – Roughstate – from the Netherlands

Why we love Qlimax

If you have been to Qlimax before you now why it is so special. The atmosphere there is really unique, it is difficult to describe with words. You want an example? No problem!

In year 2016 no one less then Ran-D is performing on stage and demolishing the Gelredome. Round about 30000 people are singing the chorus of ZOMBIE. The original is from the Cranberries in 1993. Ran-D remixed it and now this track is not allowed to be missing in any Spotify playlist or at any event. This moment when the whole dome is singing and partying together gives us all the goosebumps even 4 years later. This is one example of many.

Long story short, Qlimax is a must do for any Hardstyle lover. At least once you should witness this unity that makes are scene so special.

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