The bus calls himself the loudest bus in Germany. And with a sound system of 15.000 watts its easy to believe. In COVID 19 times the Bass Shuttle has turn out to be an alternative to party. In a small group but with loud music and a cool surrounding. On August 15 it was time for the German event hoster Massive-Dynamic to host a party. Read my personal review about this crazy bus and the event itself .

Manja Schlegel / Thomas Tischhauser

Indeed in times of Corona, event promoters are in the need to find alternatives to host events. One interesting concept, is the Bass Shuttle – operated by Germany’s biggest party bus agency – Hardtours. The Bass Shuttle was born to bring party people to their festivals. During COVID19 Hardtours decided to rent this bus to event promoters, to host a party there. The concept is a success, and currently, we see every weekend a Bass-Shuttle Event with various types of electronic music. For us, the bus “5 Massive Years” was most appealing, as here we had the genre Hardstyle represented. (Read our Article about the Bass-Shuttle project here)

Bass Shuttle: This is the Bus

Kick off

On August 15th. the German event promoter Massive-Dynamic invited to their bus tour to celebrate their 5th anniversary. The Lineup basically comprised their Hardstyle artists Tigaiko, Hardfunction, Tiberias and their frenchcore specialists Zion and Mr. Bassmeister. So five hours from Hardstyle to Frenchcore.

The bus arrived on time (at 15:45) at the departure point, in front of the Turbinenhalle Oberhausen

The staff were very welcoming and friendly before departure, and helped everyone to adhere to Corona regulations. It was mandatory to wear a mask for the entire duration of the trip.

“Please board!” – that was the beginning of the craziest 5 years birthday party of Massive-Dynamic I ever had the pleasure to witness!

Bass Shuttle: Mandatory Group Picture

COVID19 measures

Before boarding, everyone was required to take a temperature test and complete a ‘Corona self-declaration’ form. You would only be allowed to take a seat after submission of this form and after passing the temperature test (to ensure that you do not have a fever or any other flu-like symptoms).

Luckily, everyone past the temperature test, and were in a great mood to party! The boarding and ‘handling’ was quickly completed by the well-trained personnel.

The Bass Shuttle interior

The interior is what one would expect from a party-bus; completely re-built and adapted to our party needs. There was a narrow corridor in the center, to the left a small DJ ‘compartment’ with two 2000 Nexus and 4-Channel Pioneer mixers as well as a small fan, which really helped all the DJs in the terrible heat. Fixed to the wall was a small light which changed colors. To the right, a small bar was available, served by bus staff. There was a limited choice of drinks, as well as a small, but great selection of Hardtours merchandise.

In the center of the bus was a small emergency toilet and a powerful speaker system, which amplified bass for the entire trip.

Bass Shuttle: The Bar

In the middle, there was the small emergency toilet and at this one the powerful system supplied the whole bus with decent bass for the whole trip. Further on you had the assigned seating. On both sides of the bus, there was a LED light frequently changing colors.

Kicking off the Journey with Rawhardstyle

As soon as we were on our way, Tigaiko began his set which his euphoric and raw style beats. His own tracks “The Light” and “Everytime” sounded great on the speakers, and his latest release on Massive Dynamic Records with Raveision “Flame” received great feedback from the crowd.

After that, there was a short break and we were able to get out and stretch our legs for a little while. But, 15 minutes later it was time to board again – ‘the party goes on!’

Bass Shuttle: Hardfunction in Action

In the meantime, the DJ had changed and Tiberias began his set. The track ‘Time Has Come’ was great to hear and ‘Don’t Stop The Game’ is a track that no one should miss from his set.

Then there was a short break and another DJ change. Hardfunction, playing a set at the mid-point of our journey, played tracks such as ‘I’m A Figher’ and ’40 OH’ Much clapping and cheering followed and Hardfunction finished with a very hard ending to his set!

Time for Frenchcore

We stopped for a short time, gathered ourselves and after a short break, the party continued with some Frenchcore. Mr. Bassmeister provided great entertainment with his tracks, such as ‘I’m The Boss’ and ‘German Sex Tourist’ but we also got to hear ‘Fck Corona’ which was a real treat.

Bass Shuttle: Mr. Bassmeister and his known finger

After a short pit-stop, Zion began the real hard tour. With tracks like ‘Psy Bitch’ the party really got going, and he presented his latest release for Pure Massive Records ‘What We Live’ (which is one of my personal favorites)

After that we arrived at the Turbinen Halle, our last and final stop of the journey.

Every single DJ played their heart out and delivered great sets and a great atmosphere for the audience.

Bass Shuttle: Aftermovie

About Massive-Dynamic

Massive-Dynamic is a company based in north Germany, Hamburg and started as a pure event hoster in 2015. Since then it has grown to a company with its own artist agency and two music labels. Their mission is, to promote newcomers and to give them a platform to show their music to the people. Especially the Rawstyle label has become a vital part of the ‘electronic scene’ around Hamburg.

The Agency is working on a global extend and represents Artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.

About HardTours

Hardtours, as a qualitative travel agent, lies in the planning, organization and offering of trips to various events worldwide and with a focus on Europe. It currently operates as the biggest travel agent in Germany for events.

Their busses are leaving from across Germany and Hardtours is known for well-organized bus tours. Each bus is directed by an experienced travel agent, who manages the bus tour and ensures a safe trip.


A very big thank you to Hardtours, Bass Shuttle as well as Massive Dynamic, for the great organizing and event in this crazy Corona times. If you haven’t attended this bus yet – better do it now!!

In short: a great evening with familiar faces and cool DJs!

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