On behalf of the event sector, ID&T c.s., together with the Alliantie van Evenementenbouwers and Fieldlab Evenementen had a first conversation today with the Dutch government about a sustainable future for the Dutch event sector


Following the summary proceedings festival organizer ID&T, known for events such as Mysteryland, Milkshake, and Decibel Outdoor, filed against the Dutch government on Friday 9 July 2021, Minister De Jonge made a proposal during the debate the Dutch Parliament held on Wednesday 14 July, to enter a dialogue with the industry. Earlier today, ID&T was one of the parties that joined the conversation with the responsible representatives of the relevant ministers on behalf of the more than 40 organizations that had previously joined the summary proceedings as co-claimants, which includes the organizations behind events such as F1 Dutch Grand Prix Zandvoort, DGTL, and Don’t Let Daddy Know.

Dutch Government open for event concepts: Snakepit Event


During the conversation, expert members of the OMT provided new insights in their personal capacity, particularly regarding the new uncertainty regarding the delta variant. The insights of the OMT may lead to new measures, in which testing must take place no more than 24 hours before the end of the event instead of 40 hours before the start, and in addition, vaccinated individuals must also be tested in all cases before the start of the event. It has been agreed that the practical feasibility will be examined, however, the industry foresees firm operational challenges. In the coming days, the parties will remain in close contact to get clarity quickly. A new conversation will be scheduled at a later moment.


Rosanne Janmaat, COO of ID&T: “We have agreed to investigate the practical feasibility. It is crucial for our industry to gain perspective on the future, in which we can organize events in a safe and responsible way in the short term and do so as well in the long term without measures.”

Dutch Government open for event concepts: Defqon.1 Red Stage


In the conversation today, the parties committed to developing an airtight system for Testen voor Toegang (Testing for Access) and have clarity on all required conditions in which events will be permitted. The sector stipulates it is of utmost importance to receive clarification on this as soon as possible, August 1 at the latest. In addition, the industry reiterated to the present ministers the importance of rapid decision-making.


We can only hope and see what the event organizations will develop and propose. Let’s hope for the best.

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