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300+ artists, 25 genres, and 3 days of full madness: What better way to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the loudest city on earth!

The drop of the full Line-up did not disappoint and confirmed that we are all in for a treat:

  • More action on Friday: More stages, more acts, less time to lose! With the first act starting already at 3 PM, it’s definitely worth being considered a full festival day! With 8 stages and kicks until the early morning hours, what better start is there to a legendary weekend?
  • A dedicated LIVE stage on Saturday: In 2023, you can experience live acts in the best possible way, thanks to full visual support!
  • New Genre: Hard Techno! Techno Lovers are in for another surprise – a throwback to the good old times of B2S’ Refuse concept.


It’s kick-off day! Make sure to be ready at 3 PM, when the gates to our favorite city open once again! Experience double DJ power at the BATTLES stage with Act of Rage vs. Vertile or Unresolved vs. Mish. Party in style at Darkraver’s Love Dome. Enjoy ice-cold Desperados at the JUMP CLASSICS stage, together with Dark-E, Dr. Rude, and Ruthless. Sing to the SOUND OF DECIBEL with B-Front, Psyko Punkz, and Zany. Go HARD-CORE & UPTEMPO with a DB#20 Special including Paul Elstak ft Boogshe and the live act of Restrained “Rule Breaking Hardcore.”

Widen your horizon with HARD TECHNO ft. Lena and NΥCΘ & XRTN. And last but not least: The MAINSTAGE, presenting Brennan Heart, closing with Warface, and also hosting 2 live acts: Hard Driver’s “NRG Overload” and KELTEK’s “The Compass.” Give it your all, but leave some energy for the kick-packed days to come!


Saturday will be the perfect opportunity to check out the entire city, including the heart of it all: the MIGHTY MAINSTAGE! Go insane with last year’s anthem maker D-Sturb LIVE, the B-Front & Noisecontrollers DB#20 Special, and the Closing Session by Angerfist. The legendary PUSSY LOUNGE will also return in all its glory, featuring wild sets like Endymion’s 25 Years’ “Millenium Mayhem,” Luna & Crypsis’ “Raw Rumble,” as well as another DB#20 Special “Double Trouble” from Darkraver & Outsiders. Double Trouble, indeed, considering Pussy Lounge will be co-hosted by DL & Da Syndrome, making sure to keep you going into the night. 

XTREME RAW is sure to blow your mind with its impeccable sound and acts like Killshot with his “L&L LIVE” or Riot Shift, while HARDSTYLE CLASSICS will take you back to the good old times. Rave in nostalgia to the beats of Alpha Twins, Bass Modulators, Josh & Wesz, or Wasted Penguinz. But also, the HARDCORE CLASSICS take you on a trip to memory lane with DJ Yves’ “Club X Special,” Marc Acardipance LIVE, or Panic. 

If you need a little extra power, though, don’t worry! The HARDCORE and UPTEMPO stages are both packed with high-BPM acts like Partyraiser, Major Conspiracy, Korsakoff, Spitnoise, Anime, Tha Playah, or D-Fence, showing off his “DopaMeme” album. Hard-style-niche-lovers will also have something to look forward to at the INDUSTRIAL & TERROR, Desperados’ HARD TECHNO, or the PARTYSTYLE by Buren van de Brandweer stage. 

And last but not least, this year’s special addition to the line-up: The LIVE STAGE, featuring a cocktail of unique live sets from Adjuzt, Bloodlust, Rejecta, Nightcraft, Unresolved, and many more. Don’t forget to be on time to raise your fist for the closing session at the MAINSTAGE, though!


Are you ready for the last day of heavy-duty kicks?! It’s time to get loose, it’s time to go wild, it’s time to go HARD. SAVAGE SUNDAY is back with another full festival day and all its 12 stages. The MAINSTAGE will speed up its tempo with a RAW LIVE LOUD MARATHON by Cryex, E-Force, Rejecta, and The Purge, as well as other legends like Rooler or Zatox. Also, PUSSY LOUNGE will pick up the pace with Miss K8, N-Vitral, Sefa, and Spitnoise transforming it into the HARDCORE MAINSTAGE. 

Still not fast enough? UPTEMPO will go even harder than the day before, the fresh FRENCHCORE stage will add the melodic kicks with Crypton and Mr. Ivex, and XTREME RAW with its Savage Squad Special featuring Adjuzt, Griever, Omnya, PL4A & The Purge will make sure you keep that BASS FACE on. Villain will take over the LIVE STAGE together with Demi Kanon’s “Colors of Light,” Devin Wild’s “The Innergame Mindtravel,” and Primeshock’s “Shockwork.” 

But there is much more in this city than just hard kicks: HARDSTYLE by Desperados will spoil you with tracks from ANDY SVGE and Audiotricz, PARTYSTYLE will make you go loco with Hans Glock and Levenkhan, and HARD TECHNO will make you dance to the rhythms of Aphøtic and D.N.P. For the classic Lovers, Decibel brings the RAW and HARDCORE CLASSICS on, both making sure your last day in Beekse Bergen ends in style with Art of Fighters, Tommyknocker, the DB#20 Special by Degos & Re-Done, and “A2 Records” by Digital Punk.

At the end of the day, the only question that is left though is: Where to spend the last moments of this incredible weekend? It’s going to be a HARD choice between the closing sessions of the MAINSTAGE and Rebelion’s explosive “Second Dose” or the mental HARDCORE MAINSTAGE showdown by Spitnoise. No matter what, it’s going to be LEGENDARY anyway.


Are you ready to create memories of a lifetime and celebrate in the LOUDEST CITY ON EARTH? Find the full line-up here!

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