This weekend it’s time for THE finest Hardstyle festival of August: Decibel outdoor! It’s going to be another weekend full of fun, craziness, friends and music. Each year we look forward to the next edition of Decibel, with surprising stages, colourful themes and lots of happy people to party with. To get you in the mood we wanted to share 10 awesome facts about Decibel Mainstage. Are you ready to jump on the Decibel-mainstage-fact-train? Here we gooooooo!

1) Highest stage

In 2007 was the first time that the Decibel mainstage reached the Guinness Book of Records with the highest detached stage ever recorded until then. They achieved this ranking again in 2013 when the mainstage reached the immense height of 76 meters! That is almost as tall as the Notre Dame church in France!


2) Building up

Did you know it takes about three weeks to build up the Decibel mainstage? No? Well, you do now! Countless work hours by a teams of builders, pyrotechnicians and production workforce come together in these two weeks – we can not even imagine how many metres of cables, how much steel and how many people must be involved!

3) Back in the day

Before 2005 the mainstage was in a tent. It was in 2005 that the mainstage became open air and it stayed that way ever since. Can you still remember? Was that your very first Decibel?

4) 15 editions

There have been 15 editions of Decibel and DV8 was MC on the mainstage for the last ten editions. Before DV8, Ruffian hosted the mainstage. This year, Ruffian will be hosting the legendary Pussy lounge stage and DV8 will be hosting the Mainstage again! We can’t wait to see these two being the troopers their stages deserve!



5) Performances

There have been 158 acts that performed on the Decibel mainstage up until now. That is more than a lot of festivals have on their full weekend lineup! Oh, do not forget to check the timetable this week, so you do not miss any of your favourite mainstage acts!

6) Zany

Zany has a special place in the heart of Decibel. Over the last 15 editions Zany has performed 7 times on the mainstage! Can we get a “Hell Yeah!” for this legend? This year he is playing at the remember stage and at the back2school area!

7) The widest Decibel stage

The widest mainstage Decibel had was the one in 2010. It had a total span of 120 meters. Which is comparable to the length of one soccer field or the length of about 100.000 bananas. Who’s excited for this year’s mainstage records?!



8) All stages unite

Decibel is full of different stages. At the mainstage in the endshow all these stages come together. It is one of the most anticipated and treasured moments at Decibel, be sure you’re there!

9) Closing

This year it’s Angerfist who closes down the stage! Knowing the main man of Hardcore, we can not wait to get absolutely blown away by a fast-paced Hardcore set that will surely be one for the books!

10) Decibel Worldwide

Last stop! In the mainstage crowd you’ll be able to find more than 35 different nationalities. All these nationalities, all these people, are coming together to enjoy the music that unites us all. Dutch, German, French, Australian,… – That day we’re all united under the nation of the Harder Styles!


We hope you enjoyed the ride on this Decibel-mainstage-fact-train. Now we set out our course to destination Decibel! Safe travels and we’ll see you there! Choo choo! We see you all this weekend!

Written by: Suus & Sara

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