Dirty Tuesday Week 23.03.2020 – 30.03.2020

Welcome to the first episode of Dirty Tuesday. Another week has passed by with many new releases, which we are going to present now. This is Dirty Tuesday – Week 14

Audiofreq – Shredder

On March 30th Audiofreq released his new track Shredder. With the typical Audiofreq sound, this is just a perfect track that invites you to dance. Especially due to the corona situation, this is essential to lift the mood.

Primeshock & Jay Reeve – Get it

Already on March 27th. Primeshock released their collaboration with Jay Reeve – Get it. It combines nice melodies with strong hardstyle kicks. It seems that the combination with Jay Reeve and Primeshock works perfectly out cause we got a real catchy song here.

Ecstatic – The Waking Call

The day before it was Ecstatic who released “The Waking Call” together with Meryll. A powerful euphoric track which is perfect to wake up cause it delivers exactly that kind of energy to start the day the best way.

Navras – Save Me

On DWX Copy Right Free Navras released his track “Save Me” on March 25th. A nice and solid track with several euphoric parts but also powerful rawstyle kicks.

Mandy & Jelle van Dael – We are Warriors

Exactly one day earlier Mandy together with Jelle van Dael released the track “We are Warriors”

The song is pretty emotional and the lyrics deliver the message that Mandy wants to tell us, that you should never give up if you want to achieve something in particular – doesn’t matter how often you fall. A track that creates goosebumps all over and thus one of her best tracks so far.

Quarantine Bunker

Of course, the crew also delivered a new episode of the quarantine bunker on their Youtube channel discussing the releases of the last week.

DWX had a nice surprise for their fans with a special rebate on their merchandise. Until Sunday they granted a discount of 21% on their products. A special gift to make their fans smiling during the hard corona times.

Look out Dirty Tuesday Week No. 14

This was the Dirty Tuesday Week 14 with the overview for this week – and we see us next week again. Don’t forget the release of Sub Zero Project’s „Rave into Space” today at 7:00 PM. Looking forward to this.

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