Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was quoted, that it’s very likely that festivals can take place in Belgium during the second half of the summer. The chances are really looking good – one of the Prime Minister’s spokesmen stated last Sunday.


But can we really dare to dream? How likely is it? And if Belgium starts all over again, what does this mean for the outer European countries? According to ‘The Brussels Times‘ Belgiums Prime Mister had been in discussions with several stakeholders last weekend and will definitely continue this upcoming week.

How could this look like?

We already reported about the upcoming festival ‘Airbeat One‘ where the Organizers already confirmed the ongoing preparations for the 2021 edition. Supported by the Bundesland ‘Mecklenburg Vorpommern’ to provide financial support for larger festivals, a sophisticated health check system is planned. Visitors have either to show their EU Vaccination Passport, proving that they have already been vaccinated, or to pass a COVID19 test.

Festivals allowed in the late summer? De Croo giving hope for festivals in 2021

In conjunction with the increasing vaccinations in Germany, we are very confident that this year’s edition will take place

Alex De Croo now announced similar plans. . We could talk about the necessity that visitor visitors must prove that they have been vaccinated. For those who are not in possession of such a Vaccination Passport could also provide a negative quick test.

Conclusion – Festivals allowed in the late summer?

At least in Belgium and Germany, there are specific plans in the making, to bring us all some festivals in the late summer. With the ongoing and enhanced vaccination procedures, we really dare to hope. We keep you updated

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