It’s supposed to stand for a new beginning – a new era after the COVID silence. Mr. Guts no Glory creator Ran-D was appointed to catch this message and feeling into the anthem. Did he succeed?


On Oct. 13th. 2021 Q-dance premiered this year’s Qlimax anthem – called ‘The Reawakening”. With a 5 minutes 30 seconds video Q-dance calls for this year’s Qlimax.


Like for most other bigger events, it’s always a well-kept secret which artist will have the honor for a certain’s year anthem. So it is for the Qlimax anthem. Already weeks before the actual event takes place – a lot of rumors can be seen on the socials like Facebook or Instagram.

For Qlimax 2021 the riddle got finally solved on Wednesday 13th. 2021 at 17:00 CET. Ran-D and Charlotte Wessel are the creators of this year’s anthem.

Qlimax 2021 – The Reawakening Anthem: Official Video Clip


Johanna Charlotte Wessels is actually a pretty strong singer and the dutch singer and song texter and known as lead singer of the Symphonic metal Band ‘Delain‘.

For Ran D it’s actually the very first Qlimax anthem ever. Okay, as Gunz-for-Hire he created the Qlimax anthem 2013 – Immortal. But as Ran-D we can still say it’s his very first.

Qlimax 2021 – The Reawakening Anthem: Voice of this years anthem Charlotte Wessels


But this year’s anthem was and still is connected with higher expectations than ever before. After two years of absence – the Qlimax 2021 shall become the first real edition.

The anthem itself went through the socials pretty quickly and a lot of controversies could be seen on the socials.

‘Proud to have made this years Qlimax anthem together with the talented vocalist Charlotte Wessels. I’ve put everything I know as a producer, Hardstyle addict and Qlimax fan of the first hour into this track. Hope you can hear and feel all the effort we put into this anthem. I can’t wait to finally play this one at Qlimax the 20th of November in the Gelredome! Let me know what you think about the anthem, and play it loud. See you at Qlimax 👊🏼 quote Ran-D.


The track itself has a strong melodic voice part – due to Charlotte. A strong and atmospheric buildup. Especially during the mid part, Charlotte shows her strong and clear voice. This is followed by a harder kick part with various hard and raw kicks.

Whilst the first half is a clear hardstyle track – the second part turns out to become harder, faster and a bit louder which increases the intensity. Do we got some Gunz for Hire influences here?

No matter, we actually like the track pretty much. It really feels like a reawakening. Qlimax 2021 – The Reawakening Anthem is what its supposed to be!!

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