…once got played at Qlimax? Those who experienced the mid-00s editions of Qlimax will remember that jumpstyle once played a bigger role in the scene.

Carsten Giese

When Jumpstyle was at its peak in the mid-00s, Q-Dance just had to add well-knownjumpstyle-DJs to their party lineups.
Sometimes they even introduced seperate jumpstyle-areas to their festivals like Defqon 1.

Jumpstyle at Qlimax

Even at Qlimax Jumpstyle-DJs had the honour to perform their unique but somehow unconvential style. In 2006 Ruthless took over the spot and played some well known Jumpstyle-Anthems. If we remember correctly he was the second DJ after Yves Deruyter and filled the gap between Yves and the first Hardstyle-Set that of the.
DJ Ghost played the same role at Qlimax 2007 between Fausto’s hardtrance set and the first Hardstyle DJ.

Did you know that Jumpstyle: Ruthless played “Jeckyll & Hyde – Frozen Flame”

The decline

After 2007 there was no jumpstyle on the lineup anymore. This fell together with the decline of the popularity within the scene. In 2006 and 2007 record companies started using jumpstyle as a cash cow. Jumpstyle was everywhere. Even Scooter adapted the bouncy sounds. Jumpstyle startet being considered as “pop”. Maybe that was the reason why jumpstyle disappeared from the Qlimax lineups.


This was a short one. Bringing variety to the lineups is always refreshing- even at a single floor party. We hope you enjoyed another look way back in harder styles’ history!

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