1. Hardstyle motivates me!

Euphoric hardstyle does exactly that what it promises. After I hear a fat reverse bass or a euphoric melody from Code Black I feel much better. This music gives me the power to study, work or do something I don’t like! You have the ability to chose the music that fits to your mood. I can’t remember a single day without hardstyle! Do you?

A little bit Code Black in the morning to get the day started:

Some fat reverse basses to study for university:

And Audiofreq & Teddy before going to bed:

2. Hardstyle is creativity!

We all know some tracks which are just “out of the box”. Recently I found B-Front & Frequencerz – Psycho and I was surprised how much I liked the rap part. And it’s not only this one song. You find so many tracks from “The Undersound” to “Everything from Da Tweekaz” that are showing me the pure creativity that we are experiencing in this scene. It’s not about money or fame – these artists discover their own styles and we can feel lucky to have them around. Hardstyle is reinventing music for me, hardstyle brought me new music styles and now I am open for nearly everything. Tekstyle, Glitch Hop or Dubstyle – I like it if I like it!

I think it’s totally fine to change music, create a new style, to be creative and I enjoy listening to new mixes and fusions that these great minds provide us.

I made the same face: 0:05 in this video

3. I love festivals!

What is better than music? Some good friends and a cold beer? Right – you just combine these things and go to a festival! It’s all about the music: We dance, we sweat and we just go crazy. Leave everything behind us for this one night and just feel the vibes that flow though your body and capture your mind. This sounds a bit philosophical but it’s hard to explain your feelings if their are so strong and intense.

Most of the times we all come together from far away and all around the world. We are here to celebrate the music we love so much. People I never saw in my life are getting my best friends while I’m on a festival. It’s the only place where an accidentally eye contact is not awkward – instead you get a high five no matter if you know him or her (or at least a thumbs up).

Yeah, festivals are great and after all hardstyle is more then just music. It’s my lifestyle!



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