Whilst no events are taking place as we were used to it, the drive-in concept seems to find more and more supporters. For a special upcoming event called “Hardclassics”, we spoke with DJ Thera who is going to play that night. A solid lineup with big names who will take people back to the good old days.

Dutch event promoter Free2Party is known for its concepts Hardclassics and Reminder where they celebrate the history of hardstyle. While Hardclassics goes back to the very beginning of the genre (1999-2006), Reminder celebrates the so-called ‘Golden Era’ from 2006 – 2011. Because of the current corona crisis, it has been a struggle to get these beloved concepts out there, but together with Eventcenter ZAK, Uelsen they are now organizing a Drive-In party celebrating the hardstyle classics.

Mark the date – Eventcenter ZAK

Saturday 13 June will be the date that people can drive to the parking of Eventcenter ZAK and enjoy sets from The Pitcher, Pavo, Luna and Dj Thera – hosted by MC Da Syndrom. Exclusively for HardstyleMag we have spoken briefly to DJ Thera about this unique concept, the location, and the promoter!

Hardclassics Drive-In: The outdoor stage

Lets talk to DJ Thera

HardstyleMag: Hardclassics & Reminder in front of 250 cars, what are your expectations about this?

Dj Thera: It’s definitely gonna be a very surreal feeling and I can’t wait to experience it. With events like before, you can see the crowd reaction very well with each track you play. Those cars in front of you won’t jump like crazy, which obviously is good thing though, haha! So I am guessing there mostly will be some horn action going on when people get excited. I am very excited to be able to play in front of actual people again, but also to play for this unique drive-in concept, because it’s so unique and different!

HardstyleMag: Is it possible to stream the event?

Dj Thera: From what I’ve heard from the promoter, they are definitely trying to set that up. At least all sets will be recorded so those sets will definitely appear online afterwards.

Hardclassics Drive-In: Car in party mode

HardstyleMag: How many times did you play in ZAK before?

Dj Thera: I don’t know the exact number, but definitely more than 10 times! I think the first time was back in 2006, which was actually one of my first solo bookings and I didn’t even have my Thera artist name yet!

HardstyleMag: You have been a DJ/producer for 20 years now. Can you tell us which track you really want to play at this event?

Dj Thera: Going through my music collection, there are always too many tracks I would love to play, haha! Thinking about this now, the first track that comes to mind is: Blademasters – Master Blade

HardstyleMag: You have played on several Hardclassics and Reminder events. What makes these events so special?

Dj Thera: The level of dedication of both the crowd and promoter is so incredibly high. It’s really created for but also by true lovers of hardstyle and its history. Because of that, I really feel connected with the concepts and I am extremely proud and happy that I am able to perform at these awesome events! It is truly unmatched and it’s something you have to experience yourself. I am very curious to see how that will show at the drive-in event and I hope to see you all there!

More Infos

The event starts at 18.30. At that time you can park the car. The show will start at 20.00 and end at 00.00. It is possible to buy tickets per car. Tickets vary between 2 or 4 passengers per car. For more information, you can visit the Facebook event here.

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