On May 25th a new social media account called “My Way” started to create some rumors with mysterious pictures and a video trailer and sharing a mobile phone number. The question is, what this could be.

The activities seemed to be timed well and aligned. On Sunday 25th. Around 13:00 CET the account “My Way” started to publish several pictures. By visiting the Instagram account, it became directly notable – that the pictures in total started to create a bigger picture. The question is – who or what is My Way.

WHO IS MY WAY: Instagram profile

Last Post with a video and a call to action

The post wave was concluded with a special trailer. This trailer shows various footage from BMX drivers and obviously dancing party people. The video itself is accompanied with some Hardstyle melodies and a female voice speaking quoted vocals

my lines do no run 

like those of others

i walk my own way

to my own future

i will succeed 

my way

Under the posts, the account requests readers to find out who they are, by texting them on WhatsApp by using the phone number : +31 6 84516838

WHO IS MY WAY: The official trailer


Although its currently impossible to say, whether it’s a new event, stream, Artist its definitely clear that it has something do with Hardstyle. The music in the trailer and the words “I bring Hardstyle” already give a glimpse idea.

Very attentive readers among you may notice that the video uses the ego form “I …” but the postings on the socials now says “find out who WE are”

For now – we will have no choice but to get into contact with that number and try to find out who or what “My Way” is. We keep you updated.

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