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M egabase took place on 23rd of April! A new location, a diverse line up, a new theme and a new hosting, packed with some exclusive battles and live acts! That sounds pretty sick and promising. Organizer High Energy Events set the bar high with last year’s Megabase edition, which was hosted by Digital Punk. This year they moved to a new location in Almare and Titan took over Megabase, we couldn’t wait, although the weather forecast forced us to go with gloves, winterjacket and warm shoes! Anyway, I’m an absolutely fan of their events – always a pleasure to visit one of their events. Let’s see if they can top last year’s edition of Megabase.

Megabase presents: Titan The One Who Knocks!

Yes, Titan is finally back with a brand new theme and design around his act. As I said the line up was packed with some promising and unique battles, as well as some live acts and also a few young, rising stars! Step into the cosmos of the world’s most brutal Super hero villains and witness their takeover at Megabase Outdoor 2016!
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The Brawler and Tommy Lollypop

Originally The Brawler was a member of Shellshock, but the duo went separated ways. He’s now producing music as Apexx, fuck, did I just reveal his true identity? – I just heard how his brutal track Obey was blasting through the speakers. Keep an eye on him, he has some promising shit in store!

Femme Fatale

Next up, one of the loveliest ladies we have in the scene. She’s signed at Scantraxx and definitely belongs to the rougher DJane and producer out there. Recently she gained lots of attention with her remix of Green Stuff – Madness is coming for you!
Starting with Fight the Resistance and Ran-D’s remix of Evolution she pretty much continued where Apexx and Inceptum ended. With a slightly melodic touch she delivered a diverse 45 minutes set. Of course Green Stuff couldn’t be missed in her tracklist. You know what? I pretty much like this remix more than the original track itself. She gave the track a little rougher touch, the kick, melody and main lead perfectly fit together – really good job!


The Balloonman

He’s seriously doing some awesome stuff lately. Well, lately? Not really, he’s doing amazing tracks since beginning. His style is so unique and I fucking love it, when the touching melodies, the rough, but precise kicks and the heavy snares are blasting through the speakers or even your headphones – shivers guaranteed! Anyway, he started with Paranoid, headed over to MF Psycho by Sub Sonik and then to Shallow Waters. One of my absolute favorites at the moment!
Continuing with his remix of Mr. Mayhems Level and United from the Start by Hard Driver & Radical Redemption, eventually finishing his set with Mr. Mayhem’s remix of Robots, he perfectly set the mood for the upcoming gangsters!


Bangbros vs. Ricky Reckless

These two bros really going insane at the moment – I almost can’t count all their remixes recently. Some for one of the biggest names in the scene. With their unique sound they were ready to battle against Ricky Reckless, an Italian stranger, beating up the underground. Both are promising young talents in the scene and had the honour to present their sound at Megabase.
Funky shit and West coast were pumping through the great speakers, as they jumped around behind the decks, heaving such a good time. Headbanger and surprisingly Mysterias and Psycho were played as well. Ending their set with the original Nuclear and Mad Man they already went one step rougher than The Balloonman – you should really not fuck with Bangbros and Ricky Reckless!

Tony Slice Live

His first appearance ever as Tony Slice live sounded promising. He’s in the scene for a while now, hanging out with that Rebel Territory guy and is signed at Unite Records. By the way, I fucking love his haircut! Anyway, to stay under the radar he put on some sort of mask for his live appearance. His set was not that special as expected. He dropped a an edit of Fuck the System, Level 2 and MF Crew, but I expected more, especially because he had lots of time to prepare his live act.

A little disappointing. But I’m totally in love with his remix of Check out the Drop – it’s even better than the original, because he added a catchy melody, which was just missing in Zatox’s original. He ended his set with Maddafakka Maddafakka at a faster tempo, which was pretty much the highlight of his set. I wish more variation, live edits and crazy combinations of his tracks next time!


The Butcher vs. Bacon & Egg

What an awesome combination, I didn’t know it would work out this well! The Butcher, a professional when something dirty has to be done! Hanging up his victims at cambrels and slowly slay them into pieces is just one of his speciality. Bacon & Egg, normally served for breakfast, are now forced to play against The Butcher, their most feared enemy!

It was an incredible battle, switching from heavy raw sounds to melodic and rough tracks. After Illusion and Just a Memory Fuck this Nation by E-Force was played. Actually this track sounds really good on a huge sound system. But also Choppin’ Bodies and MF Psycho (again), with Rebelions Nuclear remix in between made the crowd go nuts! In the end The Butcher’s sounds pretty much took over, as he dropped Warzone by Warface, his new track Brainless, Venom and Warchieve by Insidiouz. As I said, the combination of melodic hardstyle and fucking sick drops by The Butcher fit very well – they should battle more often!


Happy vs. Sick Slick vs. Titan

What’s happening when one crazy maniac, no, the main maniac of the Theracords Syndicate and two members of the Fusion Cartel meet on stage? Probably an epic battle till death! That’s exactly what they brought us! Happy was responsible for the incomparable melodic and hard touch, defining his latest and brand new album The New Era. Sick Slick and Titan were responsible for the rougher and screechy tracks – heavy kicks, the best melodies and epic drops!

They started things of with Warface’s Mash Up 5.0, heading over to Collateral Damage and Godcore. Of course the crowd was screaming along the vocals and melodies. With Going Under Happy just dropped one of the most epic tracks of his new album. Genox – Inhuman or Take the Hit, as well as Judgement, Staarfleet, Radical Redmeptions remix of Criminal, or Psychotic Tendencies by Sick Slick made this set to one of the best of the day! The whole crowd went wild and the vibe was amazing, but not noticing, that We were the prey! But the best track of their set was one hell of a crazy “Warface-tracks-mash up”, inclusing FTP, The Baddest, Fuck The Drum Machine, Menace, Path of Extinction, H8ME and The Revival!


Stroganov vs. Little Luck

You did ask for Stroganov’s best friend? It’s the AK-47, with an extended mag, to send even more bastards into hell. He doesn’t like to get fooled, but if, you’ll probably be a dead man! You either don’t fuck with Little Luck, although his name suggests, he’s definitely the wrong person to fuck with – I mean yes, okay, he’s not the tallest and his style not the roughest, but he’s responsible for one great track after another and therefore you should definitely have respect.

The biggest problem of their battle – the set time! Scheduling their battle after Happy vs. Sick Slick vs. Titan was not the best idea. The styles just didn’t fit. Although their set was packed with great tracks like Those Summer Nights, Whispers of Twillight, Watch Yourself and Stroganov’s new track Elevation – at least I think it was his new track – the tempo couldn’t reach the tempo and vibe of the previous set. It was sad to see, that most of the people didn’t dance, but asking themselves why they don’t go harder. So, I do not say it was a bad set, I want to underline that the set would have been great at an earlier set time! I’m sorry, even if I liked the sounds, it was a little too boring.

The One Who Knocks Live

Finally, it was time for his appearance! The crowd was ready, we were ready and it was one of the sickest moments of Megabase 2016. The main and cruellest underground villain was ready to take you on a 30 minutes’ rollercoaster ride! He didn’t fail and I really enjoyed his live set. It was less packed with edits than expected, but you could at least hear it was live. He mashed up tracks, and managed to keep up the tempo by mixing really fast and almost climax after climax.

After a great Megabase The One Who Knocks Live edit of Getting Off as his first track he moved on to Apocalypse with The Machine, Sentinel and one of the most fitting tracks of all time – Braincracking. Damn, who remembers the scenefrom Daredevil, where Wilson Fisk cracked the dude’s head with a fucking car door – could have been The One Who Knocks as well! Anyway, he also dropped his track Euphoria, Necropsy (2014 edit), Chainsaw in a slightly edit and in the end, as expected – flip em uhm op z’n kantje.


Mr. Mayhem vs. Snitch & Snatch

Snitch and Snatch are born in a prison, far away from home, but were separated at early age. If they want to have something, they don’t buy it, they don’t ask for it, they just stealing it, in the most brutal way you can Imagine. Collateral damage? They don’t care! Mr. Mayhem is pretty much what his name is all about! Give him some C4 or dynamite and he will do some crazy stuff with it – letting rain bombs and watch how people instantly or due to the aftermath die!

These three men are definitely one hell of a combination! Their hard kicks were shattering through the speakers and ground. With a classic track by D-Block & S-Te-Fan and High Voltage they state clear, their set will be all about the roughest tracks. Mr. Mayhem pulled out his tracks like Alone or The Truth, in combination with tracks like Rave, Stomping or Feedback (You stupid fuck!) made this set to the best of the whole day! I absolutely loved it! Especially when Chainsaw was dropped or Aggressive Acts by Rooler & Malice the whole place was literally shaking! What a crazy set!


Titan: The One Who Knocks Special

The moon was already risen, the lasers and lights were flashing through the night and the main man, The One Who Knocks was ready for the final, thrilling ride! Starting with his Hard Bass edit of Angel and followed by the Magic / Hollow mash up he states clear, leaving the place is the wrong decision! Continuing with Brutal 5.0, Push It To The Limit by Regain and some surprising tracks like Catalyst by Warface, To Hell by Sub Sonik, Chronic Disorder or even Fuck You by Art of Fighters he ended this year’s edition of Megabase with a big bang! Release all the energy you have left, count to Seven and enjoy Flip em uhm op z’n kantje in the Tha Playah’s remix while watching the firework!


Stage, Show & Conclusion

The stage was the same High Energy Events used for the Mainstage at Hardshock festival, because, why not? The two events were just 1 week apart, so I was totally satisfied by it! They changed a few banners and some wooden plates, which were painted like bullets.

The show of the stage itself was nearly invisible during the day, of course, but during the evening and at night it showed his real potential, with all the lights, spots, FUCKING HUGE FIRE and lasers, perfectly fitting the screeches and kicks. I always say, the guys from High Energy Events know how to create a stunning show, even if the stage and whole event is not the biggest – that’s one of the main reason why I always would recommend a High Energy Event!


Furthermore, they created a unique intro for every set and every single character! Underlined with the fact, that all the different villains walked up to the DJ both during their intro gave it the right touch, Megabase needed. Although this is just a little aspect, it was at least different and therefore I really liked it!

To deliver the feeling of being stuck into an underground world, with just the craziest gangsters, a few DJs were put into a great make up, just like the one from the Balloonman. The figures you just saw at all the flyers and trailers in the beginning came to life. Sadly, and that’s the ONLY negative aspect in my opinion, not every DJ put on their costume. I think that was a huge waste of great potential – next time I would love to see all the DJs in their roles, that would make the whole theme around Titan complete.

Furthermore, please put up some sort of cover next time, when it’s going to rain. At least to stay dry when you want to eat something, I don’t like soaked french fries.


In the end Megabase presented a cool endshow, with stunning fireworks and as I mentioned before flip em uhm op z’n kantje Tha Playah’s remix as the last track of the event. Ending Megabase with a big bang and fireworks at the Water and behind the stage, this edition was off the hook!

Thank you High Energy Events for this insane edition, shout out to Titan and all the artist, and also to all the die hards, who were dancing through sun, rain and even fucking snow! Hope to be back next year!

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