One of the reasons to explain the huge success of Q-dance: they create awesome trailers. The last one I saw, Q-Base 2015, can even stand against top notch movie productions. We all get goosebumps when a silent music starts in the end of a great Q-dance trailer. So, that was reason enough to create my top list for Q-dance trailers.

Feel free to correct me if anything amazing is missing!

Q-BASE 2015


A trailer that captures the pure brutality of this event. Fast pasted cuts and authentic rebels in the trailer. If this doesn’t force you to buy a ticket, I am not sure what will.

Q-dance @ Mysteryland 2014

People who saw the Q-dance stage at Mysteryland 2014 understand what it’s all about the chickens. A simple trailer, but with MC Villain and the background music it sticks. If you have not seen the grumpy chicken stage you should check it our here.

X-Qlusive Legends

For most of us, this is the best trailer so for! Getting together all X-Qlusive Legens and setting them in scene like an old Quentin Tarantino movie. Even if Showtek didn’t show up in the video, they surprised the party as a secrete act! And Luna in a suite looks like Jason Statham from the Crank movies!

Qlimax 2012: Fate or Fortune

One of the few Qlimax editions with an more interesting trailer. Even if the main event was not the best Qlimax the trailer got my attention at the time it was released. Sadly, Q-dance did not realized the theme as I expected it.

IQON 2013

First of all, the main theme just rocks!I love this trailer because of the creativity behind it. The artists did not shied away to show us their best acting skills. And yeah, Brennan Heart in a smock, just priceless.

Qlimax 2010: Alternate Reality

What appears like a simple trailer was huge in 2010. The costumes, digital paintings and the anthem made this an exiting foretaste. If I want to think back, I just hear the anthem by Brennan Heart – Face the … ehm … Alternate Reality!

Q-dance at Tomorrowland 2011

I always try to write a few words to explain you my picks. But I guess this just speaks for it self. E-Force farting his own name out.

In Qontrol 2010 - SAVE.EXIT.PLANET

A trailer for an event with a great meaning. In Qontrol 2010 cooperated with different organizations to save the planet. I really like the idea of combining this two elements and creating some awareness for a significant topic. One of his kind, so defiantly a top pick for me.

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