Germany, Sickmode is coming for you! The Artist just announced a special country club tour for December, by traveling from club to club weekend by weekend. With more than 11 shows, Sickmode is actually doing the longest Hardstyle Club tour in a row ever done before. Let’s check this out!

Germany, let’s go Stupid – let’s go dumb – let’s get Drunk, a full month. This might be the message, that Sickmode sends out to his German fans.

A full-fledged Germany club tour with at least 11 shows in 1 month across Germany. From the South to the North, from Munich to Kiel – the whole country is set under the Sickmode symbol. And with this, it’s actually to longest and toughest club tour an Artist has ever done. This one is really unique

On his socials, at 08:00 PM Sickmode announced this special club tour comprising a lot of special tracks, exclusive footage, and a Sickmode as close as possible. Besides this, he also apologized for being that silent lately, as the collaboration and coordination with all clubs and venues was quite complex. Thanks to the involvement of management, Independent Artists Agency and Massive Dynamic, he managed to find a way to bring a tour on this scale to one country.


With the announcement, Sickmode published the full schedule for this insane ride. The final show will take place on December 30th. at the Gearbox event – but as this is inside the Netherlands, it’s not on the tourlist here.

Sickmode Germany Club Tour: Full Schedule

The tour itself starts directly on December 1st. at the Hard Shift Festival in Munich and ends on December 29th. at the legendary Index Club. Yet two dates are missing, and blurred – but once these clubs are unveiled we will update you guys immediately.


Sickmode installed a special linktree website, where you can easily pick your desired location and date and buy your tickets. Just follow the link.


We all know Sickmode, and we all know that this mad guy is really creative and ambitious when it comes to his performances and shows. Doesnt matter if it’s Sickmode solely, THE GANG with Rooler or RAVE LOVE with Mish – it’s always devastating. Therefore we recommend attending this tour cause the chance for a show near your place is pretty high. See you there.

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