The founder of the agency Limitless Agency, and the music label Theracords, has released a classical album. Classic tunes that even get released on vinyl. We had short conversation with Pieter about this album.


Hey Pieter, thanks for your time. We had a brilliant time listening to your new album. We really love the good old elements in there, which remind us of the trance and early hardstyle time. What can you tell us about this album and your current time?


During these crazy times all of a sudden you don’t have any bookings anymore. Since I always had to travel a lot for my bookings, I now could just stay home and had much more time to produce music. The people who already know me know that I am a huge sucker for oldschool hardstyle and (hard)trance. Actually, I have always produced that kind of music every once in a while during the busy years.

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But unfortunately I never really got to push myself with it, since it’s not really something that could easily click with big crowds and is not common for promoters to book. After all, when it comes to oldschool vibes, it is always the actual classics that we hear.

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With more time on my side, I decided to finally let out all my cropped up inspiration for this type of music. This resulted in these 10 tracks and each individual track has its own uniqueness in my opinion. Whether it is more to the full on trance vibe as “Trance Atlantic Express” or toward the heaviest reverse basses and gated kicks in “F.Y.U” I tried to give this album the diversity that is hardstyle as genre and showcase the history of it! I personally love it and therefore I am truly happy to have created it and I can only hope that you, the listener at home, are curious about it as well!

Thanks, Pieter for the quick in – and all the best. This was a short DJ Thera talk.

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