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DJ Thera just released a new digital album called „From the heart“ and it is certainly not what everyone would expect from a 2020 Hardstyle album release. The album contains 10 songs of 35 minutes overall playtime. Here’s our review and our explanation why this is definitely produced from the heart – in many ways!


From the HEART – The story

Have you ever noticed that you get the word „HEART“ if you change the letters’ order of the name THERA?

There is a specific reason behind it:  DJ Thera (Peter Heijnen) used to be the second member of the former duo “Brennan & Heart”. Together with Fabian Bohn, who is known as Brennan Heart (without the “&”) he produced and performed under this name until 2005. While Fabian was considered to be “Brennan”, Pieter’s part was “Heart”.

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After successfully running his label THERACORDS since 2008 and countless bomb releases he finally delivers an album with an old school twist, which is reminiscent of the old Brennan & Heart days.

From the Heart – the album

The first track “Starfleet” really gives a great impression of what you can expect from the album: Great kicks, old school melodies and a whole lot of reversed bass. The vocals on the one hand create a melancholic atmosphere during the break – but the energetic and catchy melody completely flips it to the opposite. This certainly makes you want to hear more of the album! This is definitely a great starter!

Thera Album: Available as double vinyl

„History 303” – as the name reveals this one remembers the iconic sounds of the Roland TB 303. To make it quick: How can you not love a song combining 303 sounds with a hard trance melody and hard kicks?

„This could have been an early release on Fusion Records“ was our first thought when listening to „Good Work!“. If this was supposed to sound a bit like a Zany / Donkey Rollers release from between 2003 and 2005 – Thera absolutely nailed it. There’s also a great uplifting melody creating great nostalgic feeling.

A perfect drift through the classics

Never lose hope“ is a track that seems to fit  perfectly to the current situation we all have to face at the moment. The first part of the track feels a little repetitive and heavy like it is right now. But while the euphoric melody slowly builds up one can imagine how it will be when the whole Corona thing is over and we are heading for the first festival.

Thera Album: Video showcase on Youtube

We could continue like that and describe the whole album – but this would be too long to read. Trust us and give it a listen!

Thera Album – Conclusion

Throw together all the great hardstyle sounds from the first decade of the new millennium, add great and uplifting hard trance melodies and finish it with Thera’s unique sound. This is “From the heart” – definitely a great album worth listening to multiple times. If we were forced to complain about something: Only “You make me feel” can’t keep up with the atmosphere of all the other songs.

From our point of view this would be the definition of the term “Millennium Hardstyle”!

This album and this style should earn Thera the first spot at Qlimax 2021!

▶️ Stream the full album here

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