He belongs to Most Wanted DJ and to the next generation of Rawhardstyle DJs. The former Gearbox artist has shown remarkable growth and his fanbase loves his hard sounds and powerful kicks. High quality productions combined with energetic performances are the best ingredients for a superior music label – welcome! Nrcypta presents – Identity

Who are you? What do you stand for?

All of these questions will be answered now that a new wave of individuality has rolled ashore. Guiding you on your defining path, Ncrypta has joined the pieces of the puzzle. Now he proudly presents his new movement and record label: IDENTITY.

This independent leap into the future promises a personality-driven crusade backed by iconic and distinctive music that will allow you to #DEFINEYOURSELF.

Ncrypta summons you to crack the code and embrace your true identity.

Ncrypta presents his label Identity

For all who need more information about the label Identity just follow the link to the Facebook profile of NCRYPTA

Who is Ncrypta

Ncrypta aka Mark Scud, is a german Rawhardstyle producer. At the age of 12 he came into contact with Hardcore musik. He directly got infected with the harder stylez and fell in love with it. At the Age of 18 he started to produce and his unique sounds got quickly accepted by the scene. His efforts started to pay off quickly and soon he signed to the music label Gearbox. Here his career started to speed up and he played accross the globe and on many festivals, like Masters of Hardcore, Qapital, Defqon-1 and many more.

At the end of 2019, he announced his next step with joining the Most Wanted DJ Agency. Since then it was only a matter of time, when this machine would announce his next big step! So here he goes – with his label “Identity”. We expect big things

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