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After the first live performance of his new set IMPAKT at 20YRS of Scantaxx, we sat down with Kevin, aka Imperatorz, to hear more about it!

What is IMPAKT…

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! So, we’ve heard about IMPAKT, and we are very curious: What is it? 

Thanks for having me, IMPAKT is my new LIVE Concept in which I focus on a high set drive, loads of new edits and mashups with heavy drops and no time for breaks. The IMPAKT sets are limited to 6 performances in 2023.

When did you first start working on IMPAKT, and how was this idea born?

The idea was born at the end of 2021. At that point, it was planned as a YouTube-only concept. However, throughout the year, I felt more and more the urge to do something extra with Imperatorz, diving more into the visual/show aspect of an artist. 

Around June 2022 I started to think and plan the concept idea more, figuring out how I could deliver this to the stages. 

Where did you take the inspiration/energy from to create this 6-set live experience?

I wanted to challenge myself to bring a new experience to every show. New mashups, new edits and brand-new visuals at every show. 

More than just a set…

Do these new sets also come with a special show?

Yes, you can expect a lot of specials for every live set with special FX during the show, a special live suit and limited Items for each show. I bring fresh new tunes and never heard edits to every show 😉

A new outfit? What does it look like? And will it be for sale as merchandise? 

The live suit is custom-made, with hand-made painted details and LEDs. It’s one of a kind, so it won’t be for sale. However, I’m currently working on a custom IMPAKT merch item!

Where can fans experience your new live performance? 

Since we can finally gather with thousands at a time again, you can experience the new live performance where it should be experienced: At events! 

For everyone who isn’t able to attend the shows, I’ll be providing extra content in the form of long recaps and, if possible, also 2-3 FULL sets. 

On a personal note…

Your first IMPAKT live performance was in December at 20 Years of Scantraxx. How was it?

Absolute madness! Each phase of the set had a different focus. There was lots of variation and it got hectic, the response has been great, and I can’t wait for my next IMPAKT live performance.

You signed with Scantraxx in 2019. How did this affect your career, music style, and performance? What has changed since then?

Signing with Scantraxx has created awesome opportunities career and music-wise so far. I’ve played at big stages/events, stages that I could have only dreamed of a couple of years ago! Scantraxx also gave me the opportunity to develop my sound and I’ve met a lot of talented people and got to work with big names in the scene. I’m blessed to have a great team like the Scantraxx Fam. 

As a German, was it hard to find your place in the Dutch-dominated hardstyle scene? What would be your advice to young talents who are still struggling with their musical breakthrough? 

I love the Netherlands. Living here now for a little over 4 years and moving here was definitely the right decision. I guess this made it easier for me, living close to the scene and not having to travel 10-12 hours every weekend to bookings 😊 This, in combination with the passion and love I have for the Hard Dance scene, kind of made this process come naturally! 

My advice for young talents would be: work hard, love what you do and stay humble! It also took me a while to realize that a healthy career takes time, highs and lows included. 

Looking to the future…

Are there any more IMPAKTs planned for the future? Any other secret projects or new music in planning?

You could witness an IMPAKT set at Shockerz. After my last incredible experience, I prepared half an hour of absolute insanity, including a special intro and tool! 

Besides that, I’ll be giving my Rebirth debut on the infamous REBELLiON stage with my IMPAKT concept. The IMPAKT concept will be an exclusive show, which will be limited to a total of 6 shows, so better don’t miss out cause every set will bring other specials 😉 .

Music-wise I’m currently sitting on around 8 unreleased tunes, which will get released within the coming months, including my remix for E-Force classic “Children of the Dawn” and my collab with Ncrypta & MC Livid plus, of course, all the solo projects haha.

And lastly: Is there a message you want to share with your fanbase?

Without YOU, Imperatorz would not exist, and I will be forever grateful for that. You guys are the absolute, f*cking best and the reason why I’m able to live my dream. I’ll see you all on the dancefloors and at the parties. Stay as you are legends!

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