Hardstyle fans from more than 115 countries attended the second Defqon.1 @ Home festival. A fulminant experience over full 4 days showing more than 100 artists. From special performances, new tracks and special show elements – Hardstyle fans got served well. Didn’t they? To find out, we will now present you the full review day by day with a conclusion on the final 4th day and a resume. This is the Sunday – Day 4


Already suffering a hangover on day 4? No ? We neither, but for a Sunday we will try to make it a smooth last day.


With JDX, Dune & MC Apster, Deepack and Max Enforcer we experienced a nice warmup with some classic tunes. JDX started with an open air concert. With a piano on the open field a soft start into the Sunday. The golden Stage took over with Dune and MC Apster. Dune directly kicked his set off with the famous ‘Million Miles From Home’ and his “Can’t Stop Raving’ in the middle and the legendary ‘Hardcore Vibes’ at the end. The trip down memory lane continued with Deepack who played ‘Beastie Boys – Fight for your right’, ‘Noise Controllers – Aliens’ and his own mega track ‘Here is Johnny’.

Defqon.1 @ Home The Sunday: Lights On – Action


We were back to the Indigo – where it was time for Imperatorz and Invector. And the Indigo directly went under hard bass fire. Invector opened the set with ‘Invector & Radianze – Erase me’ and his ‘After the Stars’. Imperatorz contributed with a special edits and bootlegs which gave the set a very dynamic drive. Of course he played his collab with MC Raise ‘Predator’ and his collab with Disarry ‘Alpha Legion’.


Finally our freaky duo back on stage. Especially during the COVID pandemic these guy entertained us well with their Tweeka TV on YouTube with some legendary and funny episodes. They started with ‘Tweekacore & Darren Styles – Down with The E’ and ‘Party Starter’. A full ride through the funniest Dirty Workz tracks. Needles to add that they played their famous ‘Scatman’ or ‘Jägermeister’ or ‘Blue’ from Eiffel 65. Its always a surprise to see how easy these duo jumps between Happy Hardcore and Happy Hardstyle. The full tracklist sums up to unbelievable 32 tracks – wow.

Defqon.1 @ Home The Sunday: Fire and Smoke


Now it was time for Psycho Punkz  at the Red Stage. The night had already arrived so the location at the see got fully supported by spotlights and flames. He kicked his set off with his collab ‘Psycho Punkz ft. MC Villain – I’m a Psyko Punk’ which got accompanied by MC Villain live. What a masterpiece!! This is a clear Defqon.1 track – we can feel it. The second track was surprisingly a track nobody of our team knew. We noticed the lyric ‘Its on You’ can this be the track’s name? We will see 😉


Surprisingly a B2B which we didn’t expect at all but a fresh mixture. Jaques played his track ‘Reject of Rage’ and the 2020s Qapital anthem ‘Alpha State’. Rejecta answered with his ‘Sledge Hammer’ and ‘Still We Rise’. In total a dynamic competition with bold kicks but also nice melodies.


Spitnoise at the Black Stage. Yes, all High-Speed Hardcore fans should be served today as well. More than 200 BPM challenged our speakers and the rest of our energy.

Defqon.1 @ Home The Sunday: Could it be better? No


Not it was time for our brother duo, who kept us entertained throughout the Epedimic as well. With their ‘The Great Escape’ tour they already played at some really astonishing lost places. Like an old abandoned water cooling tower ? [Read the full article about the GREAT ESCAPE here]. This time they played on a landing field of a small airport. The known drones rides – we are already used to thanks to the prior episodes’ created again a powerful shot. Of course they started with their ‘The Great Escape’. We heard their collab with MC Villain ‘One’ but also ‘Noisecontroller – Gimme Love’ in the Sound Rush edit. Last track was their collab with Atmozfears ‘Come Back Home’


We all know that at each Defqon.1 we pay our respect to legendary artists. This time The Prohpeht, DJ Isaac and D-Block & S-TE FAN. Young and old together at the Red Stage. And here we go with ‘DJ Duro & The Prophet – Shizzle My Dizzle’ from 2005 – early hardstyle sounds incoming! Next track was ‘D-Block & S-TE-FAN ft. DJ Isaac – Music is my way’. Yes these guys have already been in the scene for decades now!  DJ Isaac took over with ‘DJ Ease My Mind’ and aligned himself with the legendary stuff. Full 90 minutes from the very early hardstyle sounds – most of us grew up – over the early hardstyle sounds most of us started to party with  – up to newer sounds.  These guys are for sure heroes and legends.

Defqon.1 @ Home The Sunday: Sub Zero Project in action


Got fully filled with raw hardstyle sounds. First it was Sub Zero Project who took over the “Closing Ceremony”. With their track ‘Halo’ and ‘The Project’, ‘Enter the Realm’ they gave us the full dose of Sub Zero Project. My favorite track will always be ‘Sub Zero Project – Funky Shit’ which is something I cant really express. The main stage was now under full fire.

After a hard duo, it was time for a harder duo – Gunz For Hire. This fulminant raw hardstyle act which actually comprises one of the two biggest hardstyle legends (Adaro & Ran D) is something its usually worth waiting for it. Goose bumps moment when they started with ‘Queen – The Show must go on’ and ‘Bolivia’. The full hard mode was now turned on!! These guys know how to end a 4 day party!

Defqon.1 @ Home The Sunday: Watch the closing show


Q-dance did it again – Q has exceeded our expectations! A perfectly organized online experienced that rightly bears the name online spectacle. A top-notch light fire and laser show, perfect shots and moments, filled with motivated artists who created a tribe feeling as it should be.

We really know that nothing can replace a live festival in reality! But Q-dance delivered what wasn’t even thinkable. We are looking forward to the near future, but nevertheless the entire editorial team thanks Q-dance for this experience. We will never forget!

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