It’s that time of the year again. The same cheap Christmas songs are getting played on the radio over and over again although almost nobody wants to hear them. But what about Hardstyle? Let’s remember some forgotten Christmas tunes from the past.

Carsten Giese

Unsurprisingly there are many Hardstyle mashups/bootlegs of almost all the well (or badly?) known Christmas songs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike also just released their Christmas compilation with several Hardstyle tracks on it. But did you know that some of nowadays’ biggest hardstyle names also chose to provide us with their interpretations of Christmas-evergreens in the past? Let’s start in chronological order.

Rudolph & The Grinch – Merry X-Mas (2005)

To be fair – this isn’t hardstyle. But it can be considered as one of harder styles’ first Christmas song. The men behind that project are Ruthless & Vorwerk – also known as Jeckyll & Hyde. Although this was no official release, both guys managed to press a limited amount of vinyls on their own (Relesing music was a lot more complicated back then). They used Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”.

Harder Styles X-Mas songs: Rudolph & The Grinch – Merry X-Mas

Donkey Rollers – The Santa (2007)

This one is based on their remix for Showtek’s “Shout Out” AND on Mariah Carey’s “All I want…” and is probably one of the most sought after christmas edits. When the first youtube videos appeared at the end of 2007 almost everybody was hyped about this version. People desperately tried to get their hands on the full version. People even created own edits from optimized liveset rips. At the End of 2018 there was a big relief: The Donkey Rollers finally released it for free as a gift.

Harder Styles X-Mas songs : Donkey Rollers – The Santa

Heady & Lil’ Villain- Back In Time (2007)

This one seems to be not so well known although it is based on “Last Christmas” by Wham AND produced by the master himself: Headhunterz.
He released it for free right before Christmas 2011 or 2010.

Harder Styles X-Mas songs : Heady & Lil’ Villain – Back In Time (no official video available)

Acti & Zeta – Carol Of The Banging Bells (2010)

The Italians also did it: Before Christmas Activator and Francesco Zeta released their christmas track. This one is not really well known – but available on all common streaming platforms.

Harder Styles X-Mas songs: Acti & Zeta – Carol Of The Banging Bells

Honorable mention: SRB – Xmess Booster

Just listen and enjoy this banger produced by SRB also known as Dione / E-Noid.

Harder Styles X-Mas songs: SRB – Xmess Booster


We hope you enjoy the tracks. Team Hardstyle Mag wishes you a pleasant Christmas time. We hope you can still enjoy it during these rather special times. Stay save!

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