In Hardstyle meets Gaming we already showed you some hardstyle tracks using vocals from known games. Check out the original article if you haven’t already! You can expect some new gaming related songs and old classic that will make your heart beat faster!

Delete - Dismissed

Starting raw with this banger by Delete who uses classic vocals from Fallout 2. If you have not played the game, you have to check out this funny dialog with sergeant Dorner who get’s mad because you don’t got your power armor! The raw kicks fits very well to the raging sergeant and Dismissed also gives us chills if we think back to this gaming classic.

Dj Thera - Crazy

A dialog out of Fallout New Vegas was used here, where you get asked if you are up to something crazy. Dj Thera was indeed and this made it into his artist album Training Sessions.

DJ Mad Dog & Amnesys - Game over

Who couldn’t love those 8-bit sounds, reminding me of old NES and Gameboy times where minimalistic music was the best thing of gaming. Definitely a track that you will enjoy, even if it’s a bit harder.

Cellrock - Song of Siren

The seductive sound by Naga Siren got Cellrock to use her voice in his track. Naga Siren is a hero from Dota 2 and even if her actual “Song of Siren” were not used in the track, her voice will reach all ancient defender. If you like you can check out all her responses from Dota 2.

Mind Dimension & Existenze - Double Damage

Again a Dota 2 refference. You find different “runes” or powerups in Dota 2 which can heal you and other stuff. Of course one of those gives you double damage. This deep voice is by the hero Doom after picking a double damage rune. All responses by Doom.

Headhunterz - Headshot

If you are born in the late 90s you may know this sounds from Counter Strike, which was using the remakes from Unreal Tournament. Others will get goose bumps while thinking back to Quake 3 or mainly Quake 3 Arena, where this “Headshot” sound origins from. Don’t tell me it’s not satisfactory to get a good old “Mo-Mo-Mo-Monster Kill!” after a hand full of frags.

Kronos & Drone - Level 2

This track is full of gaming and movie references. Starting with the Imperial March from Star Wars and some “Kick ass and chew bubblegum” vocals by Duke Nukem. A great track, which also surprised me with the Drum and Bass part. But it’s really all about the fast paced video. Watch closely and look for your gaming childhood hero. How many games can you count?

Topvibe Vs Dj Sy - Pacman (Bonkers Remix)

I will leave you with this old school remix of the Pacman theme. This melody will be stuck in your head for ever, enjoy!

Let’s gather more tracks for the 3. part! What’s your favorite hardstyle track with gaming references? Comment below!

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