Many gamers know that there is nothing better to a round Counter-Strike as good hardstyle music. However, these two areas are not so different as we think, because many hardstyle producers can be inspire by games just like us. Sometimes they bring the passion for games into the studio and that’s what they produce, the outcome. Just a small list of hardstyle tracks with gaming lyrics. >> Read this text in German >>

World of Warcraft

WoW is over ten years old, but still remains the most successful MMORPG in history. Even today it’s still very popular, because Blizzard constantly supplies the gamers with new content. This content is also used by many producers, thus there is now a big variety of hardstyle tracks with vocals from the Warcraft universe. The experts among us will recognize the vocals from the different cut scenes.

Exit Mind & circum – The Black Temple
The vocals are from the same patch named “The Black Temple”.

Valinox – Enter Twilight
This two sympathetic voices are from ‘Warcraft Cataclysm: Bastion of Twilight’. Valiona & Theralion, two dragons, which are boss enemies at the ‘Bastion of Twilight’, bicker a little while this amusing dialogue evolves.

Valiona: Do as the master commands, Theralion! Kill them!
Theralion: The master was CLEARLY speaking to you, Valiona. I am far too busy to attack anyone.
Valiona: You are worthless, Theralion!
Theralion: How dare you call me worthless! You will see why I am Mother’s favored child!


Skyrim is Bethestas latest offshoot of the popular Elder Scrolls series. The role-playing game puts players in the skin of a powerful “Dovahkiin”, a person through whose veins flows the dragon blood. Skyrim has a large and active community supporting the game not only with mods, but also with the great music.

Headhunterz – Dragonborn
Probably by far the most famous track in this series. With a mixture of self-spoken vocals and theatrical choir, spoken in dragon language , this track has quickly made it into the top ranks.On Soundcloud you can download this track for free!

Starcraft 2

We waited long for a successor to the famous sci-fi real-time strategy game. 2010 it was finally time and now you can command the distinctive alien races into the fight. Perhaps it’s exactly this distinctive style of StarCraft, which has led so many producers to incorporate it into their tracks.Dusky deep voices of villain aliens – an ideal base for producers!

Gunz for Hire – Evolution Complete

Perhaps you have already heard this track dozens of times. The vocals of the “Zerg” alien race gives the track a nice dark atmosphere and also the aggressive “Gunz for Hire” sound.

Mass Effect

This sci-fi role-playing game stands out with one of the best stories, deep characters and far-reaching decisions that for the players. That triggers a very strong and emotional bond with the game world, which has probably convinced Atmozfears and Co. to pay tribute to this game.

Atmozfears & Energyzed – The Harvest
One of the highlights of this track is certainly the successful music video that you should check out. The vocals are from one of the DLCs of Mass Effect 3 and the video uses footage from the official game trailer. With the talent of this two producers that results in awesome.


Headhunterz Ft. Malukah – Reignite
Even if this this beautiful voice does not come directly from the game this is a must-hear. The singer ‘Malukah’ wrote her song ‘Reignite’ as a tribute to Mass Effect and not so long after the release Headhunterz featured her voice. You should also check out the original!

Did you know more tracks with gaming vocals? Let us know in the comments!

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