They are the Italian Rawsoldiers of tomorrow. Known for their special masks, unique and energetic Rawstyle tracks, they quickly created a loyal fanbase. Therefore it was only a question of time – when this duo would finally release an album. It’s July 2020 and here they go. Krowdexx presents – Dungeon. Hardstylemag had the chance to take a closer look – and we will let you know – why this mini Album is a must-have.


Already the very first track “Spaceship” starts with a promising countdown. The track was created in collaboration with FRAW. After the countdown, a wild mixture of rough and changing kicks comes in. Only the melody in the middle gives a short break. But the break doesn’t last very long – another countdown introduces the incoming xraw kicks.

Fastlane with the voice of MC Focus starts with kind a Jamaica intro. The voice of MC Focus then accompanies the buildup for a hard and dirty kick sequence. Not fast – but heavy. A short break in the middle with a nice synths melody gets again quickly covered by the bold kick sequence with snoring tails. This is xraw.

Here the big raw sounds come in

Track number 3 is “Imma Harder” and well, this is Krowdexx as we know and love them. A freaky EDM style turns into a small buildup and a powerful kick sequence ticks in. Compared to the first tracks the speed got increased but this makes the track more energetic. Front Row soldiers watch out.

Krowdexx Dungeon: The official cover

No time to rest – cause the track “Next Level” has this title for good reason. The intensity of “Imma Harder” got once more increased and the typical Krowdexx Kick inferno gets introduces with “Welcome to the next level”. A real warfare comprising the classical raw kicks and beats, which directly get into the blood.

Flying Dutchmen – the surprise

How can this be topped – harder? “The Flying Dutchman” starts surprisingly with a charming fairy tale voice and a harmonic fairy tale sounds. An epic sounding synth buildup prepares for a matching and charming raw – no!! 200 BPM are taking over – a mixture between Uptempo and Frenchcore interrupts this fairy tale part and unleashes a wild warfare of frenchcore kicks. Well, we didn’t expect that – wow.

The last track “Dungeon” is an ode to the old but glory Rawstyle hearts. In the best Regain style, a dirty voice accompanies the buildup and converts into a strong but dirty raw kick sequence. Turn up the volume, cause these kicks are pure Raw power. Bold – dark, punchy and heavy.


The mini album comprises a brilliant mixture of what the latest Rawstyle sounds offer, but also some classical raw sounds we all are used to and we all love. What all tracks have in common is the surprisingly wide area of sound elements which Krowdexx uses to give each track a sense of experimental freshness. We are more than convinced that lovers of Raw-Hardstyle sounds will be extremely well entertained – and that we will see more from Krowdexx in the future. 

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