Q-dance has just announced they are going to take on the greatest challenge they’ve ever faced: organizing a Qlimax level livestream within less than a week. Even though Qlimax The Reawakening, which was set to be the biggest hardstyle event since the pandemic, had to be canceled due to the new COVID regulations in The Netherlands, the organization is committed to give fans of the harder styles from all over the world something to enjoy this weekend. Welcome to Qlimax – Distorted Reality


This Saturday, November 20th, Pioneering Dutch hardstyle event Qlimax will host an unmissable 5-hour live stream event in place of its cancelled Qlimax The Reawakening event. The event was sold out in less than an hour and was set to be the biggest hardstyle event since the pandemic started. With less than a week to organize it’s replacement, Qlimax Distorted Reality is set to be the organization’s biggest challenge yet.


Even though the forced cancellation was a massive blow for the organization, the Qlimax team is committed to still give fans an experience to remember on November 20th. From 8pm to 1am CET, hardstyle fans from all over the world will be taken on an immersive journey where they make the rules. Q-dance Network will host a special 4-hour warm-up in the form of Qlimax The Legacy, showcasing exclusive content from the event’s 20-year history from 4pm to 8pm CET, before heading onto a series of world-class live sets by some of the biggest names in the scene.

Qlimax 2021 – Distorted Reality: Anthem by RAN-D


With less than a week to pull off this massive project, Qlimax Distorted Reality marks one of Q-dance’s biggest challenges to date. Collaborating with all the artists on the original line-up of the event, the livestream event offers virtual festival-goers from all over the world some serious living room raving. Making the best of a bad situation, the powerhouse that is Qlimax will not be stopped!


Fans from all over the world can attend Qlimax Distorted Reality for free via the Q-dance Network app or via www.q-dance,com/network. The full line-up will be announced on Qlimax’ socials on Thursday November 19th.

Qlimax 2021 – Distorted Reality: Welcome to Q-dance


Qlimax the Reawakening is gone – long live Qlimax Distorted Reality. We are curious to see, what the Q-dance Team was able to organize on that short notice. Of course, we are still disappointed that there wont be a real Qlimax this year – but Q-dance is always good for a big suprise. We will see.

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