A new and prolonged cooperation between Q-dance and the park’s administration secures the future of Defqon.1. The new arrangement allows Q-dance to organize Defqon.1 events for the upcoming 10 years.


Indeed every medal has two sides. Good news for hardstyle enthusiasts, perhaps less good news for the residents of the three communities along the Veluwemeers. Cause Q-dance is entitled to organize more Defqon.1 editions for at least the 10 upcoming years.

whilst Defqon.1 goes back to its origin in 2003 at Almeere Strand, the festival moved to Bidding Huizen in 2011 and has found its place to be there since then. With more than 70.000 visitors, Defqon.1 counts for most people the Mekka of Hardstyle. The 2022 edition is the first edition, that covers full 5 days (from Thursday to Monday). So thanks to this we can say 10 More years Defqon.1 At Walibi Holland. Great News!

10 More years Defqon.1 At Walibi Holland: Defqon.1 Logo during the endshow 2012


Yes, yes – this is good news. After the nightmare for the Fatality festival, which failed to gain a new contract with the local administration, we can be happy here. Of course, every festival is a huge challenge for the environment and the local people who are living there – but Defqon.1 has become a pure institution for the Harddance world. Lets rock for another 10 years!

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