On January 5th. 2023 B2S announced the return of Loudness – the intensity of sound. Returning to its hometown Rotterdam, the organizer promises that this will knock us off with a lot of raw battles. Lets check


We are going back into the year 2019 when the 10th edition of Loudness took place with a superior lineup in three areas. Starting on Area one with the scene’s heavyweights, to Area 2 with the uprising Raw pioneers of tomorrow. Area 3 invited us mostly for the real extra raw heads.

But then, mostly due to the COVID pandemic – it became silent around Loudness. No update, no news – no 11th. edition.

B2S: The return of Loudness

Now for 2023 B2S felt it was time to bring back this event series to Rotterdam, where it used to take place. The only change that comes is the new location. Back in 2019, Loudness took place at the Massilo in Rotterdam, B2S decided now to move on the Ahoy event scenery.

The event itself will take place on March 11th. 2023 and will be a daytime event from 13:00 CET to 23:00 CET – so full 10 hours of intense raw sounds. The presale will start on January 12th. and can be found here.


Honestly, this is one of the best news in months. Next to the Hardbass, Loudness stood for pure raw from the beginning till the end. The Massilo as an event hall was epic. Consequently, we can’t wait to experience a new edition now after 4 years of absence.

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