The year 2020 is coming to an end. To provide you the perfect new years eve night, the music label ‘Heart for Hard’ welcomes you with a special 2 hours music show from a very unique place. What can you expect, why you should definitely tune in. We got all information you need


Okay, this New Years’ eve might become way more different as we are used to it. In many countries, there are neither parties nor fireworks allowed. So it’s all about, bringing the music to your home. Heart for Hard has prepared a special show for you – recorded at a very decent location.

From 20:00 to 22:00 Regain, Neroz, Udex and Avian will bring you the ultimate Hard for Hard feeling with a bunch of new and unreleased tracks. Host of the show will be MC Renegade – resident MC of Heart for Hard.

The Indemann – what a brilliant location

The Indemann is an observation tower and has a 36 m high construction made of 280 t steel with 20,000 individual components. The twelve different levels can be reached via a total of 216 steps. A total of 40,655 light-emitting diodes on an area of 1,470 m² make the Indemann a shining symbol of the Indeland at night.

Heart for Hard New Years Eve show: The Indemann, video Location

The H4H Stream itself

Of course, a decent location is only half – so let’s have a close look, what we can expect from the show. Every artist will perform a special set of 30 minutes with a lot of specials in it.

We strike down once again! Prepare for an exclusive “End of the Year” stream by Regain, Neroz, Udex and Avian. They close the year 2020 and will showcase what is in store for 2021. Lot of new music broadcasted from a unique location in the shape of a giant robot. 

The really interesting thing about this location is, that the uncountable light spots of the Indemann give the whole structure a brilliant illumination and definitely fit the music.

New tracks and Give Aways

Regain will play his new track ‘Anything’ and next to this he also prepared some nice edits especially for the liveset. So we can again expect a real warfare of the best raw sounds.

Avian has 6 new tracks he is going to premiere during the show. So with a 30 minutes set, you can expect a set comprising nearly new tracks.

After his brilliant album, ‘Shock Sequence’ Neroz announced 3 complete new creations that will be incorporated in his set. Including his latest production ‘Judgement

Heart for Hard New Years Eve show: Trailer

Udex also cannot wait to premiere his newest music. In these times that is the only thing that they can do. Produce music while we wait for things to become normal again.

In addition, you can expect a bunch of Give-Aways during the show. According to the H4H crew, they are planning to give away CD’s and the first black “This is Regain” T-Shirts and many more.

Where to find the stream

The show will be broadcasted to Youtube and Facebook, starting at 20:00 CET. You can now join the event at Heart for Hard. This is the Facebook event of the radio show. Heart for Hard will give away goodies to some of the ones that have their status set to “going”.

Heart for Hard New Years Eve show: Official Flyer

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