…once had tons of aliases?

Cristiano Giusberti a.k.a. Technoboy was one of hardstyle’s pioneers and created the true Italian sound at the verge of the new millennium. But did you also know that he used several (or way too many?) artist names for his releases?

Carsten Giese

Cristiano Giusberti – born in Bologna, Italy in 1970 – is known as TECHNBOY since 1999. This name is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most consistently known artist name within the hardstyle scene. But when hardstyle was created back then there weren’t many artists or labels out there.

Builder – Her Voice

Did you know that Technoboy: …created the original version of this track in 2007?

Make yourself bigger than you are?

Marc Acardipane once stated in an interview that having many aliases makes you and the record company seem bigger than they are. This could also apply to Technoyboy and his releases.

Besides his “real” alias DJ Gius – under which he also produced the most commonly known version of Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400 – Cristiano used names like:
– 2 Best Enemies
– Antonio & Cristiano (Jumpstyle)
– Atlantic Wave (Hardtrance)
– Builder
– Citizen
– Controller
– Dark Oscillators
– DJ Stardust
– Droid
– Hardstyle Guru
– Hunter
– Speedwave
– The Hose
– The KGB’s
– and of course TNT togenter with Tuneboy a.k.a. Antonio Dona

2 Best Enemies – Phases

Did you know Technoboy: …released this classic in 2008? (unfortunately no official youtube-video available)

Iconic Releases

He released countless songs under his aliases. There are so many great tunes and iconic “anthems”. That makes it really hard to pick out just a bunch for you guys. We would have loved to present you the official youtube links, but the only official youtube account is from TNT.

  • TNT – Double Dutch Darkies
  • 2 Best Enemies – Phases
  • The KGB’s – Techno gym
  • A Remix for Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400

Ruff – Furious Angel

Did you know that Technoboy: …helped to create this bomb from 2003? (Again no official video available)


Again it was a pleasure to bring you interesting facts and combine it with a trip down the memory lane! Stay tuned for another interesting episode of DID YOU KNOW THAT in the near future.

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