During the year many hardstyle songs get released. Since the beginning of hardstyle’s legacy, there have been countless releases. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remember them all. Here is our trip down the memory lane of almost forgotten tracks – presented by one of our editors:


Over the years I also forgot some releases I purchased. So I decided to roam through the dust, clean up my library and found some really cool tracks. Some of them are well-known gems but other are rather unknown and I think some of you never even listened to them once. So here we go:

Technoboy – Raver’s Rules (The Prophet 2004 Remix)

I just love every version of this track. The Original released in 2001 by TitanicRecords – today an early hardstyle classic – is awesome by itself but the 2004 TheProphet Remix is my absolute favorite. These dirty double-kicks in its build-up together with the reverse bass and the typical The Prophet melody touch from back in the days make this one of my all-time-favorite.

A blast from the past: Technoboy – Raver’s Rules (The Prophet Remix)

Frontliner – Muzyk

Next I’d like to show you one of the very first vinyl I bought from my pocket money. The vocals alone make this one outstanding for me.


This part of the lyrics sounds like a promise. Frontliner – Muzyk was released on Scantraxx Silver back in 2008. This is one of the very first works from Barry under his alias Frontliner.

The Build-Up begins with some low-kick-elements introducing the following melody part with some reverse bass. 

The intermission was just some lyrics, which sounded cool and then the 2nd anticlimactic build-up came so dreamy with the melody – followed by a short moment of silence just to begin to build up the main part of the song and Frontliner releasing his Melody with a strong ‘COME ON!’ still gives me goosebumps. I really really wish #Frontliner would play my favorite live – I think we all would go crazy when the melody part hits us.

A blast from the past: Frontliner – Muzyk on Youtube

Showtek – Loco

“Qué pasa, chica ? – I am a hardstyle loco!” 

This one was released back in 2010 on Dutch Master Works and was featured as a bonus track on their studio album Analogue Players In A Digital World which got released in 2009. The Album has many great tracks you could mention here but this track is somewhat special: it’s just so messy, stupid (IN A GOOD WAY!) and energetic. 

Showtek really did some great work here: The completely different build-up, the bouncy kick and that playful melody main part fit together so well. This makes it really energetic

A blast from the past: Frontliner – Muzyk on Youtube

This was A BLAST FROM THE PAST part 1

What are your favorite tracks? Did you even know these songs exist? Did we refresh your memory? Do you disagree with me?

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