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After the long absence of festivals, Rebirth festival should not just kick off the festival season but to re-awake the complete scene – and yes they DID IT. Over 3 days the scene expierenced a complete Rebirth. Read all about our wildest 3 days since years and how it felt


After 2 years of a complete festival and event absence, Rebirth Festival had the mission to celebrate the Rebirth of the complete scene. But the organization took this challenge, and they delivered a big program. Starting from a huge lineup comprising more than 170 artists to new stages and a high load of extras. Especially the newly introduced “Resist” stage made us curious, but also the Rebelion stage hosting and the new ‘Gunz for Hire’ did their rest to make us nervous.


We can hardly describe to you how it felt when we entered the premises of Rebirth Festival. We directly approached the locker stand to obtain a locker. From there the festival feeling slowly came back. We first took a first overview. Beside the Reborn Outdoor Stage, the main stage was completely inside a huge tent. In total seven stages wanted to be discovered over the complete weekend.

Rebirth Festival – We are back: Stage Rebellion in action


After a first lookaround we approached the merchandise shop. Here a wide selection of T-Shirts, fans, hoodies and flags were obtainable. Like prior years, the quality of the hoodie we bought was made of a great quality. From there we obtained our tokens. At a conversion of 15 EUR we received 4 tokens.

Like known from other Festivals, we were happy to see that Rebirth Festival also put a higher focus on sustainability. Therefore they integrated the E-token system. To buy a drink in a plastic cup, you had to give them your E-token. Withouth the token you had to pay an extra coin. Once you brought back your plastic cup, you received the token back. Our you could trade the empty cup directly against a new drink.

Rebirth Festival – We are back: On Stage MC Villain and Daughter

In addition we could see Rebirth staff members who where walking around and picked up the trash they found on the floor. The result was clearly viewable, throughout all 3 days the complete area was pretty clean. Even at the main stage the floor was quite clean.


The main stage reminded us of Aztec buildings and artistic and the trusses that supported the tent where disguised as palms. In total a huge stage with LED elements, lasers, fireworks and moving heads.

Rebirth Festival – We are back: Hard to believe that this is a tent

The Reborn stage, was completely outdoor and reminded us a bit of a pirate ship, with a huge Rebirth Logo in the middle. A clear highlight was the Rebellion stage. Similar like the main stage, the stage was completely in a tent despite the size. A huge LED circle was surrounded by kinda octopuss arms, covered by once again a lot of lasers, strobes, and fireworks.

The Reactivate was in line with the hardcore style. A lot of metal stripes, less LED but obviously a harder sound system. Here Hardcore fanatics got really served hard and intense.

The new uptempo stage Resist was pretty in the middle of the area and most of the time pretty crowded.


Exactly on 4 pm it was Shockwave who kicked off Rebirth 2022 at the Reborn stage. Two hours later, the offer got extended by the Rebirth Stage. Here Villain presented his DJ set, which really comprised some nice classics. The Friday got closed with some high speed Hardcore a la Deadly Guns.

On Saturday, it was time to see all 7 stages. Suprsingly the festival premsis filled pretty early. For the mood and vibe this was clearly a plus, cause the atmopshere reached pretty quickly a good status. For sure, this outlines clearly the people’s need for festivals again. Jay Reeve at the Rebirth stage played a mood-kicking off-set with ‘Our Reality’ or ‘Feel Good’ and ‘House Music’. Due to the vast number of stages and Lineup, the complete team got split up from then.

A clear highlight was D-Block & S-Te-Fan who performed twice on Saturday. First at the Reactivate stage, they delivered a high dose of hardstyle classics whilst the tent got really crowded, so that nearly nobody was able to enter the tent. But the vibe was insane. At 8:00 PM it was time for their second performance on the main stage. Here the complete tent was right on fire when the first kicks of ‘Harder Stage of Mind’ came in. With tracks like ‘Godd is a DJ’, ‘Twilight Zone’ or ‘Feel Inside’ the complete tent waved, sang and danced as a whole.

Rebirth Festival – We are back: Vertile in action


An absolute highlight of Rebirth Festival was the set of Vertile. All who have witnessed the performance of this rocketeer at Supremacy was seeking for more melodies and even harder kicks. The tent filled extremely quickly and already the first kicks caused a loud “Oooouf” across the crowd. ‘On my Own’ and ‘Stronger’ kicked directly in and the complete floor sang along with the vocals and stomped with the kicks. The lasers and LED effects did their rest. Suprisingly we didnt hear his ‘New Normal’ but maybe this just got covered in this kick warfare.


This set was clearly one of the most anticipated sets of the weekend. Adaro and Ran-D as Gunz For Hire, has already a long tradition when it comes to powerful and devastating live performances. And there we go, accompanied by female dances with huge guns and fire, the first sounds of ‘Firestone’ came. And the crowd directly got infected, big firesparks and wild LED anmitations led us directly down to Raw. Of course they played ‘Mustang’, ‘Seek and Destroy’ and their famous ‘Bolivia’ in the Blood Brothers remix. We cant count the moments of goosebumps these two mead heads created.

Rebirth Festival – We are back: Gunz for Hire with Seek & Destroy


Would he be there or not? We all had this question on our minds this day. After his absence at Supremacy and Qapital – all Raw-Fanatics were hoping to finally see their idole. Of course, Ryan was extremely open on the socials regarding his depression and the scene wanted to show him full support. And at 10:00 PM it was abviously Cryex who appeared on stage. The crowd was a bit los at the very beginning – but approximately 10 minutes late, Delete showed up. He directly unsleashed his ‘Monky Shit’ and other classics. The crowd welcomed him with loud screams and kick-rolls. Yes he is back.


On Sunday the hilght was clearly the Rebelion stage host of Rebelion and here the focus was clearly on RawHardstyle. The Album Showcase started on 5:00 pm with a real warfare. When the title track ‘Artificial Intoxication’ started the complete area was covered in purple and pink colors, whilst moving heads were flickering. On the firts kick fire sparked up and the crowd was kick rolling to the max. Of course tracks like ‘Future Power’ and ‘In Control’ followed up. The complete album gets released on 22.04 and can be pre-ordered here.

Rebirth Festival – We are back: Already packed early


The new date is already set, but this Thursday 14.04.2022 Rebirth is offering a huge special

‘We are still buzzing from our greatest edition ever. The show, the artists, the people, the sun, it was all perfect! This Thursday 19:00 we will go live with the ticket sale for REBiRTH Festival 2023, which will last for 6 weeks.
During these 6 weeks we will give away 6 incredible prizes amongst everyone who bought their ticket at that time. The earlier you get your tickets, the more prizes you can win!

  • 1 WEEK: Friends Camp for 6p + breakfast with the anthem creator (worth €500)
  • 2 WEEK: REBiRTH Merchandise Pack + VIP upgrade (worth €500)
  • 3 WEEK: Lasergame at REBiRTH with your friends vs. an artist team (worth €1500)
  • 4 WEEK: Limo pick-up & drop-off + a meet & greet (worth €2.000)
  • 5 WEEK: Gold Card: Three year long entrance to all our REBiRTH Events for 2 persons
  • 6 WEEK: Helicopter pick-up & drop-off at REBiRTH 2023 + Weekend VIP Tickets (worth €3.000)
  • And also, if you secure your tickets for the kick off of the festival season in these 6 weeks you will pay the same ticket price as for the last edition of REBiRTH Festival!


We are still speechless. Our expectations were so high but still overmet. We finally met friends on the floor again, we finally expierenced the music we all love in a special surrounding and at a perfect volume. The stages were designed lovely, and the Artist were on fire. The biggest edition of Rebirth made it possible – Hardstyle is back its a real Rebirth.

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