Musical Madness: Gunz for Hire Germany Tour
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You never saw them closer!

Germany is not known for its big hardstyle festivals – or smaller ones, or any kind of hardstyle. Only a few promoter are trying to arrange hardstyle parties and events. Musical Madness is one of those. They’ve already proven, that the requests for hardstyle events in Germany is definitely not a minority.

With the Noisecontrollers Tour they brought us the euphoric side of hardstyle. They also managed to create a tour with Headhunterz. Now they went raw – and they did it again. No one else than Gunz For Hire visited our towns and filled the clubs with smoke!

Gunz For Hire is one of those acts you definitely need to see at least one time in your life. An amazing live show that made the crowd go crazy. Their first “The Resistance” tour was already a huge success here in Germany and now it was time for #gangstersparadise!

From Augsburg to Hamburg to Cologne. Three cities, three nights full of madness.

We had the pleasure to visit two of them!


The Docks in hamburg was already used for their last hardstyle tours and is highly recommended because of the accessibility by car, train or bus.

It was 11 PM and the floor was already packed. Starting with Qult music the atmosphere was constantly getting tense. Since the mood of the night was set to raw the first highlight of the night was a b2b (back2back) set by Ran-D & Adaro. Both had an amazing year, although Adaro was ill a long time, he found his way back to his old performance and did a great job.

Qult start

The sound was actually very nice. A strong bass but not dominating the mids and highs. The volume was perfect – not too loud but still pumping the baselines through our bodies. After a pretty nice and hard set by Sounic it was time for the main act, it was time for the takeover!

We were waiting for this one moment, Hamburg needed some madness and that’s exactly what G4H delivered. A banging set, a banging show with lasers, CO² canons and a overall massive success. 40mins with an special made intro for the tours venues and if I had one word to describe it, I would take ‘dedication’!

The next day, the true gangsters took over the Bootshaus in Cologne!

Again we had no problem while arriving. There was a shuttle from the train station to the club for only 1€, which was definitely cheaper than a Taxi.

In the very first two hours the floor got filled with true dedicated people, ready to enter the Gangsterparadise! It was nice to hear, that the b2b set was slightly different to the one in Hamburg, so we could enjoy this as well. Nothing to add to their performance.

Gunz for Hire closeup

Again the sound was pretty good, the volume could have been a bit louder in the beginning. But at Gunz For Hires set – Musical Madness tried everything to make the people go wild.

All in all we had two nights, we won’t forget! Musical Madness strikes again and brought us one of the most famous live acts. They tried to bring us the quality dance events, we all know from the Netherlands. We really need more of those events – definitely!

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