Welcome to a new episode of Spotlight Hardstyle Australia. In this series we are taking a close look at the hardstyle scene in Australia and try to spot the raw jewels. Today we are talking to Anderex.


His music has a very unique sound, that distinguishes from the known raw sounds. Sometimes pure raw, sometimes Acid elements sometimes, something new. His fanbase admires his creativity and even in Europe this name is becoming more and more known. His latest release ‘Acid’ is taking the charts by storm – so time for us to meet this guy.

Hey man, thanks for the time and thanks for having us. For those, who maybe don’t know you yet – can you please introduce yourself?

Heyo! My name is Nick, or as peeps know me as, Anderex. I’m 22 years old and currently living in Australia but both of my parents are from Chile  So it makes sense that I’m absolutely in love with all aspects of hard dance music as both Australia and Chile are crazy for it haha. I just recently graduated from University as a Telecommunications Engineer so I’ve been taking a lot of time to make music since. At the moment I am signed to Gearbox Digital and have been involved with music production since I was young but only quite (recently) started making hardstyle (2016) as I used to make trance back in the days.

Spotlight Hardstyle Australia – Anderex: On stage power

Really cool thanks. How did you get in touch with Hardstyle? And how was the decision made, to become a producer?

Hardstyle and jumpstyle was actually the first form of electronic music I listened to when I first got my iPod at 11 years old. I downloaded a CD called best of hardstyle 2011 on iTunes which contained all the classics such as discovered by Frontliner (which is one of my all time fave songs) and I was so interested by the technical aspects of the music because it was like nothing I’d ever heard before. Since then I’ve chased knowledge regarding how hardstyle was made but unfortunately when I first started producing I couldn’t get my head around hardstyle sound design because it was waaaay to complex for my young self. However, I ultimately gained the knowledge to start making it once I learned how to make less complex genres such as EDM and trance.

Your recent release ‘Acid Tech’ is a real smasher. How long does it usually take to create a new track? From the scratch to the final master?

Thx! It varies so much for me so it’s hard to say. I tend to have random creative outbursts randomly where I have to put ideas into fruition or else I’ll go into cardiac arrest. So I have about 10 tracks half-finished at all times, so it takes me longer than it should to finish a track. But generally It takes me from 2 weeks to 2 months to finish a track.

Does an Anderex have any inspiring idols in the scene?

Sub Zero Project to me is what is the perfect crafted hard dance product is, these guys blow me away with every release and are without a doubt artists I look up to. Outside of the scene, Virtual Self (Porter Robinson) is my biggest inspiration as the variety and innovation in his music and dj sets is just beyond comprehension.

You are definitely rising fast – but if you take a look back, what would you say were the biggest challenges to come over – to come where you are now?

My biggest challenge which still is my biggest challenge is living in Australia as a hardstyle artist. Although we have events here like Masif and HSU, it’s really hard being so far apart from Europe where all the action and support is. One positive is though that this motivates me to push myself even harder to deliver an original and unique act which is my main goal at the moment.

Spotlight Hardstyle Australia – Anderex : Official cover of his latest release ‘Acid’

When you look at the Hardstyle scene in Australia and compare it to the European scene – do you think there are big differences?

Of course, there are huuuge differences. I attended Defqon NL in 2019 and I was blown away by the difference in the hard style cultures within the both scenes. First one that comes to mind is the die hard cult like aurora that is really present in Europe which I find amazing.

If you could pick 3 Artists for a collab, who would it be and why?

That’s an easy one! SZP, Virtual Self and Delete.
These guys to me are on the ones pushing the boundaries with their respective genres and that is something I aim for myself.

As the Netherlands is the mekka of Hardstyle, could you imagine moving to Europe for your career?

That is the plan 😉

What makes a party a good party for you?

A dedicated crowd that are open minded with what they’re about to musically ingest and want to be taken on a journey. That’s what a good party is like for me.

Spotlight Hardstyle Australia – Anderex: Into the Future

What DAW are you using to create your music?

I use Ableton and have since the very beginning starting with live 8 

Okay, let’s get a bit more personal. What does an Anderex do in his spare time?

Well since December last year I’ve gotten quite deep into the cryptocurrency rabbit hole haha. I find the technology that is driving that decentralized economy so fascinating. In my spare time I pretty much nerd out and delve into technology as I love sci-fi heh as you can hopefully already hear from my music.

Do you perceive social media as a gift or a curse? And which platform do you use most?

To me the terms gift and curse are subjective. I believe that social media is inevitable so we must use it to our advantage.

If you would describe yourself as an animal. What would it be and why?

I’m a huge animal lover so I’m sweating whilst typing this trying to pick. It would have to be a shark as I often like to ground myself around the ocean.

Any Message to your fanbase now?

Hey! I want to take this chance to say that I hugely appreciate you listening to my music and for being patient with my release schedules. I am well aware that I always take a long time to release music and that’s mainly because, as a lot of musicians are, I’m a hardcore perfectionist and it’s a big task for me to be happy with something that I believe can keep improving. Anyways! I have at this moment 5 brand new tracks ready to be released with the next being June 14th for my new single “Acid Tech”, which incorporates a lot of the classic Roland TB 303 Acid synth (that I’m obsessed with), in a futuristic way.

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