Welcome to our new series ‘Spotlight Hardstyle Australia’. In this series, we will take a close look at the scene in Australia and introduce promising newcomers. Cause the scene is surprisingly diverse and dedicated – so definitely worth having a close look at what’s coming there.

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We have the honor to start with Deezl, this artist could already celebrate some remarkable successes in the scene.

Deezl’s real name is Joel, he is 22 years old and lives in Sydney, Australia. His taste in music covers a huge variety of genres. He is into hard, powerful and uplifting music like dubstep, drum and bass, and hardstyle. But also genres like Lo-fi, Synthwave, Neo Trance, Future Bass and Australian indie music can be found in his playlists. A lot of his personality gets expressed through his music. There are subjects like cyber futurism, The Matrix and all things that question our reality which he tries to build his tracks around. Making futuristic and creative content really pushes him to always do something different and leads to creations he is proud of.

Spotlight Hardstyle Australia: DEEZL on stage

Let’s interview Deezl 😉

His motto is to believe that life should be spent with the people you love, sharing your passions and living life to the fullest, learning, growing, and experiencing. But enough from our side, read the interview here:

Hey Joel. Nice to meet you and thanks for the time. So let’s directly lift off with question no. 1. How did you come to produce Hardstyle?

I started producing music in 2018 through Ableton Live school. Their masterclass really helped me get my start in the intimidating producing world. Although during the school year I was extremely unmotivated and had a lot of problems trying to make anything decent. In about 2019, I started to really work hard and actually buckle down and I finally got something done that I could be proud of. At that time I was getting more and more into Hardstyle, with a main focus on Rawstyle, being inspired by acts like Malice, Audiofreq and Rebelion. I’d never liked Rawstyle before 2018 Defqon 1. The song that convinced me was “Watch your back” by Warface, Rooler and Malice. I’d never heard anything that big and the energy of the crowd and the artists was electric and so that’s what I focused my production on.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe it as innovative, heavy, futuristic and dynamic. I’ve always tried to make something different, music is only fun and interesting when someone’s true self comes out through their music. So I try really hard to dig deep and create something truly unique every time I make something because that’s what I want to hear as a listener.

How did you come up with your artist name?

I actually struggled for a long time with coming up with a name, everything was either cringe, too complicated, didn’t make sense, or just weird. One day my friend bought this big rottweiler called Diesel, and I thought that was such a cool name because the dog was fierce and strong but also really friendly. I asked a couple of friends if it was good and they all said yeah so I just went with it.

Spotlight Hardstyle Australia: DEEZL – His latest release on Gearbox Digital

What is the scene in Australia like?

The scene is very passionate. A lot of the time, it can be a little saturated with people who just go to do drugs, which can give a bad image of the scene but in general people are incredibly supportive, friendly and passionate. I wouldn’t be where I was without everyone’s support, they all love the new futuristic stuff and all love the dirty drops, there is something for everyone here.

Is there a new track coming up? If yes, can you tease a bit?

Yes there is! I don’t know if I can say anything just yet, but the content will start to come out very soon and I would say it’s easily my best-produced track.

Spotlight Hardstyle Australia: DEEZL – “Tear The Walls Down” together with Firelite was released on DWX in 2020

Do you have any idols in the scene?

I would definitely say that Delete, Rebelion and Malice are my Idols, they all came from very little and had such unique sounds from day one, but kept with it, they all faced controversy but powered through it and now they’re some of the biggest acts in the world. They all have really deep and powerful music that is both incredibly creative, brutal and huge, and emotional and passionate, perfect combinations.

Have you ever been to Europe?

Yes! I have been twice now, first time was for a holiday, playing in Croatia and a few other places. The second time was to play in the Netherlands for the Gearbox X Years show, which was a dream come true. I really hope that I can make it over again at the end of the year, if everything clears up with covid.

Is there a message you would like to send to your fanbase now?

Thank you everyone so much for all your support, it means the world to me. This last year has been really hard on me, as it has been for everyone, but push through it, we will all make it through and be reunited and celebrate our music together and it’ll be so worth it. I can’t wait to share with everyone my music on the big stages and to see everyone’s bass faces. Hope to see you all soon, and thanks for reading <3 .

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