2020 – a pretty different year. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic wrecked almost all of our plans for the festival season. Were things different, we would be in the middle of preparing for our next weekend festival, sorting out our camping stuff, doing some last-minute shopping, awaiting the weekend with anticipation and excitement. For a long time that has not been the case…

Sharon Huber / Thomas Tischhauser

Fortunately, our scene has many creative minds who put their creativity to good use and (luckily!) salvaged the last bit of our festival season from the pandemic.

Electrisize – normally a weekend festival at a campsite taking place over 2 days and 3 nights in August – developed a new concept:

Over 4 weekends (in July and August), party-goers are able to experience that festival experience we all look forward to. At Electricity 2020 (the campsite on which Electisize is organized), you will find everything you need to put you in a festival mood! Of course, all health and safety guidelines are observed in these corona times!

Electricity: View from top

A little bit about Electrisize

There are six areas called „Sektor“ for 100 people each. You can camp in a group of maximum of ten people. The „Sektoren“ yellow, blue, red, green, orange and purple create a square circle around a 360° -stage.

Arriving on Friday morning and leaving on Sunday afternoon, a ticket will cost you just 99€. This covers not only the cost of camping there, but also all amenities (plug-in electricity for campers and caravans, high-quality sanitary facilities etc.), a great view, and of course, eight hours of live music.

Electricity: The mood is great

The Event

While festivals have had to adapt to fit with new government regulations regarding social distancing, and other health and safety guidelines, the organizers of Electricity have ensured that you are still able to party from 2pm to 10pm on Friday and Saturday in front of the stage, where you can dance with up to a maximum of ten friends.

Each group of ten is given their own space in front of the stage, respecting social distancing guidelines. Isn’t it nice to have some space while dancing?!

If, after 8 full hours of music, you still can’t get enough, you can experience a silent disco from 10pm-12 Midnight.

Electricity: Fireworks at night

Headphones are available at the entrance/check-in (20€ refund). You can switch between three channels containing charts/90’s, Techno, Harderstyles.

Or, if you just want to have some fun with your mates, you can always stay at the campsite and listen to music through your own speakers, play some Flunkyball, participate in beer olympics or do a „Schnitzeljagd“ And, if that’s too exhausting, just relax in your chair, have a beer and enjoy the atmosphere.

What’s different during Corona?

The most obvious difference is that masks are mandatory at the entrance to the stage and around the sanitary facilities. However, masks are not mandatory to be worn on the campsite or in front of the stage.

All in all, the event is a nod to anyone and everyone who is missing and longing for the true festival experience (camping included). To be honest, there’s nothing more satisfying than waking up, coming out of your tent, seeing your friends, opening a beer and enjoying yourselves.

Electricity: Divided in sectors

Just a bit of normal madness in these crazy times of corona – I can fully recommend Electricity to everybody who misses all of that!

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