It’s only two weeks to go – until we can finally kick off the festival season with ‘Rebirth Festival’. With a huge lineup, a bold load of extras, and several extensions, the organization invites to celebrate the end of the pandemic and a return to the life we all were used to. Celebrating the harder styles. HardstyleMag provides you know a comprehensive “all you need to know”.


The circumstance that Rebirth Festival already announced a sold out Weekend and Saturday tickets, proves the people’s need to finally party again. And now where the pandemic seems to be finally over, there might be no better event than Rebirth to restart the whole Hardstyle scene. So we are actually not only kicking of the year’s festival season but also the overall return.

The complete festival weekend offers a lot, from a huge lineup over several stages to a lot of news and extras. Let’s start with the lineup, followed by a look at the specials and summed up by organizational information.


Okay, more than 170 acts and specials, B2B’s is already a statement. The good thing is, that Rebirth tries to meet all kind of style preferences. Therefore from Hardstyle, to Rawhardstyle, to Hardcore and Frenchcore – everthing is represented.

The Friday

Starts with Act of Rage | Adrenalize | D-Sturb | Deadly Guns | Frequencerz | Sound Rush | Villain Dj Set | MC Da Syndrome at the Pre-Party. At the Reborn stage, you will start with Crypton | D-Dattack | Hypnose | Imperial | Invector | Ressurectz | Shockwave | Spectre | Vyral | MC Barricade.

The Saturday

Oh well, the list for all 7 stages is just huge and here a word says more than 1000 words. But one thing is for sure, it reads like a “who-is-who” of the harddance scene.

Rebirth Festival – All you need to know: Lineup Saturday

The Sunday

Knocks the last day out with Devin Wild | D-Sturb vs. Vertile | E-Force vs. Killshot vs. Warface | Hard Driver | Primeshock | Rebelion exclusive Album Showcase | Rejecta | Sickmode | Winner road to Rebirth Mainstage Contest | Villain.

The Revenge stage invites Access One | Andy the Core – 10 Years showcase | Angerfist | Billx | Dither | DRS | Juliex – Album Showcae | Mad Dog | Miss K8 | Re-Style | SEFA | Tha Watcher.

At the Reborn Euphoric stage, you will see A-Rize vs. JGSW | Audiotricz | AVI8 | Clockartz – Sunset Session | Demi Kanon | Ecstatic Live | Evnine – Melodica Live | Galactixx | Jay Reeve | Solstice | Xense | MC DL

Classic Raw will be served at the Recharge stage with Adarao | Avio – Live | Crypsis – Statement of Intent & Cryptology | Degos & Re-Done | DJ Thera vs. Geck-O | High Voltage | Phrantic | Solutio | MC Livid.


Honestly, the Uptempo scene has experienced substantial growth over the recent years, and for good reasons this genre belongs to the Harddance music. Therefore, Rebirth Festival is serving all Uptempo fans an own stage and a strong lineup. So get ready for some high-speed hardcore from

Abandon | Barer | Bass Punkz | Dimitri K | Major Conspiracy | Manifest Destiny | Soulblast | Sprinky | The Dark Horror | Trespassed vs. Vandal!sm | Tukkertempo | MC RG


When there is one duo that represents the sounds of the modern Raw-Hardstyle then it’s Rebelion. This duo has been shaping the nowadays raw sounds in a very tremendous way. With a long list of hits, a marvelous show as ‘Rebelion Overdose’ this duo is always entertaining in a special way. As a huge special, they are taking over the main stage on Sunday and with this a very rawtastic lineup and program.

In addition, they announced to showcase their new album and for this, they will perform 3 times on stage. So let’s get ready for the Rebelion overdose.

Another special is coming from Gunz for Hire. On Saturday this duo will premier their new ‘Death or Glory’ show for the very first time ever. And especially since the overwhelming show with ‘Sorrow’ we cant wait to see this show live.

Rebirth Festival – All you need to know: Gunz for Hire show


Actually, the tickets for the camping are already sold out. But no problem, for a safe and smooth traveling, Rebirth festival offers again a list of shuttle busses from and to the event. In addition for all travelers by car, camping and festival parking is again available from EUR 19,50 to EUR 12,50. The full day bus shuttle ticket is available for EUR 9,50 here

For all who haven’t made a decision yet, there are still tickets available for Friday and Sunday – so go and check the ticket website here

Rebirth Festival – All you need to know: Camping fun


The time has come, it’s time to return to the festival and harddance life. Rebirth Festival has mastered this challenge by preparing a huge and bold lineup with a lot of showcases and B2Bs. With the new Uptempo stage, all lovers of high-speed hardcore are finally fully served. The special Rebelion Hosting shows that Rebirth Festival appreciates the full weekend experience and therefore provides a steady and nice entertainment over all 3 days. See you there guys.

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