5 Things You Need To Do Before Entering A Festival

It’s already march boys and girls! Carnival is over, back to normal life I guess. With Rebirth Festival 2017 we kick off the festival season with one of the best events we have. The first huge events were (almost) held – Hard Bass, Reverze, X-Qlusive. I think it is time to mentally prepare for the summer festival season, right?

Today we show you five essential things you definitely need to do before visiting a festival. We also wrote down some great side notes, you should keep an eye on.

Of course let us know your rituals before going to a festival, we are curious!


You seriously have to update your music library before visiting the festival! There is nothing more boring than listening to the radio while you’re on your way to the festival. You want to to pre-party, yes, even in the car! I remember one of my friends, we were listening to the same fucking CD over and over again. C’mon – at least get some proper actual live sets. You can always check www.lsdb.nl!mobile-616012_1280Furthermore, it helps you alot to get you in the mood and makes you recognizing the songs at the festival, so you can scream or sing along – really depends if you’re a good singer or not.


What I experienced over the years I am visiting festival and events now, a healthy and huge breakfast give you the energy needed. Try to get some buns, eggs, your favorite toppings, maybe some cereals and more importantly: Fruits!

Some vitamins will definitely help you through the day and make sure you do not have to buy overpriced festival food. At least until evening of the festival you should be covered.breakfast-1583257_1280If you in addition slept very well and long, took a shower in the morning, maybe had some great good morning sex – these are the best ingredients for a successful day! Remember: One Apple a day keeps the doctor away and breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day!

Another great side effect: A great start in the festival day with a tasty breakfast will make you god damn happy.


Nothing is worse than to forget your earplugs on the table at home, not taking your money with you or in case the festival is open for more than one day: to forget essential camping equipment … or at least stuff which belongs to it.checklist-1622517_1280Before you close the door of your home, check your bag twice! Do you have your money, an ID, your phone, maybe a charger, earplugs, and all the stuff you need. Can’t really count the things girls take with them … which man actually knows what they have in their bags, right?

Yes, a list can definitely help, but c’mon you don’t go on vacation!


To be honest here: this is is by far the most important thing you need to do before entering the car and drive towards the festival! There is nothing more gross than the moment you have to take a dump at the festival. We all know how the toilets look like even after 1 hour!

Let’s face it, for us boys seeing this might not be the biggest problems. But being a girl seeing this could possibly like seeing a huge spider! Don’t really want to imagine what you beauties sometimes think…bathroom-1228427_1280And that’s why you simply take the dump at home, where you feel comfortable, where it’s clean and where you love to take a dump.

Great tip here: Check www.hardstylemag.com while taking the dump to get the latest festival information or to read exciting articles. It’s also possible to visit the festival website and make a plan of which artist you want to visit. Depends on how long it takes for you.


Some might argue this is some sort of sad evolution, taking pictures with your best, filming the best moments of a festival and keeping them in pictures rather the experience them. What if I tell you: Let everyone enjoy the festival like he wants to do it.

However, to capture the best moments it’s essential that your phone is charged! I recommend to browse your favorite pron websites, Instagram, Facebook or beauty channel the evening before the festival, so your smartphone’s battery hits the 10%.smartphone-1641906_1280Charging it during the night until the next morning guarantees a fully charged battery and is even the most safe way to charge your phone. While on your way to the festival put it onto safe mode (iPhone, Android), go into flight mode if necessary or charge it while in the car and playing music from it.  

Pro tip: No matter what people say, personally I think it’s important to get yourself a working connection, especially when you’re traveling into the Netherlands from a different country. It’s rather not about being online and to stay connected, but it is more a safety aspect. You never know if something will happen. Letting your friends know should always be possible.

Further Tips

Did you check the timetable of the festival and maybe worked out a plan for you and your party crew?

Are your drugs safely stored – we have some great tips to do so right here: How To Smuggle Drugs

Do you have your ticket? (Printed, mobile)

Everything okay with your car?!

Is your bank account ready for the festival?

Happy upcoming festival season everyone! 🙂

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