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When there is one-night festival known, then it’s Ground Zero. The beloved Harddance festival took finally place after 3 years. With a huge lineup and big expectations, the organization pulled again hardcore lovers from around the globe.

Melvin Sloot

After a long wait it was finally time again for the hardest hardcore event in Europe and the only night festival in the Netherlands. I’ve witnessed a lot of Ground Zero editions but to be honest this was one the best. Despite we where a bit suprised that there was obviously no Raw Stage, we can already say that we had a hell of a night.

With 7 stages from PRSPCT to Frenchcore, we knew that over 180 performing artitsts would provide us a night to remember. So lets begin right form the beginning.

This was Ground Zero 15 Years: Mainstage under fire


It was an easy way to the premises of Ground Zero. The correct route was easily given on the way to Bussloo. We had no traffic jams and the roadworkers helped us friendly to find the parking.

At the entrance we found the lockers and token stand. We got ourselves stacked with tokens and started our first overview.


The location is really something special, hidden in a forest next to a tiny lake. All the ingredients for a special surrounding. The organisation made good effort to create a special atmosphere with lasers everywhere. From the other side of the water a big laser was beaming towards the grounds. On the beach was a relaxing area within the middle the Ground Zero logo presented proudly. This edition Ground Zero provided there guests with 7 stages. Mainstage, Bonnie & Clyde, Hellbound, Origins of Frenchcore, Multigroove and PRSPCT. There were bars, food and merchandise stands but also a barber, wedding chapel, flying carousel and Tattoo parlor.

This was Ground Zero 15 Years: Fun near the sky

We made our way to the mainstage over the beach and at that point we knew for sure that this was going to be a very special edition of Ground Zero.


A lot of festivals have a special end show with fireworks and whatnot but the Ground Zero night is doing it different by starting with an opening show at the mainstage. A perfect lightshow with interacted voices and fireworks made a perfect start for this night. In celebration of 15 Years of Darkness, Ground Zero teams up with ambassador and all time legend Dr. Peacock.

The rest of the night the mainstage was a balanced mix between countless variations of hardcore, including frenchcore, uptempo, industrial and terror. The day after I interviewed some of the guests and they highlighted the set from Dimitri K, Chaotic Hostility and DRS for being a absolute banger. But Also Promo and the closing with Noisekick were something special.

This was Ground Zero 15 Years: Fire next to firework

Partyraiser was providing the foundation of the Bonnie & Clyde stage. The sound here was really good and the crowd was really keen to party. Over the whole area hardheads were dancing and shouting making it really hard not to move.


The Hellbound stage got us back in time with some really good Early Hardcore sets. Hellbound is a haven for the early hardcore-minded and the testimony of an undying spirit. Highlights here were Lady dana VS Ruffneck, Panic but also Xqruciator Live was something special.

On the otherside from the beach was a big tent with the Origins of Frenchcore. Origins of Frenchcore taps into the dark and dirty layers of history, showcasing a side of the subgenre that not everyone’s fully acquainted with. The Sickest Squad, Massouille, Le Bask, Sprinky VS Mr. Ivex were really something special.

This was Ground Zero 15 Years: Thunderdome back in place


Terrordrang was responsible for the death of the firstborn stage. No cheerful interludes, no pretentions, no half measures. This was straight-up terror with a pinch of speedcore. Being the ambassador of this stage Doctor Terror gave it everything!

Being the bedrock of the dutch rave culture the Multigroove stage was something I was really looking forward to. And with thirty years down the line they still provide satisfying pounding oldschool sounds. For those who weren’t lucky enough to witness the old days here they had a good taste of how it was in the past. Pavo VS Luna VS Pila really set the tone but also Franky Jones and Marc Acardipane were something special to witness.

This was Ground Zero 15 Years: Party mood inside the tent

And last but not least the PRSPCT family at the PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS stage.

The Rotterdam-based label brought some heavy kicks and snares to a jaw-dropping degree. The vibe at this stage was really something else. Thrasher and his crew were the perfect ingredients for a night festival!


We are still buzzing from Ground Zero. We had a really special night and it was better than we expected. There are always points where a festival can improve but given the time and situation, the organization did an awesome job by organizing this edition.

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